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Al Snow: Why He Left GFW Impact Wrestling.

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Al_Snow has been heavily involved behind the scenes as a road agent at TNA/Impact/GFW, for a long time.

During his time in GFW

Al Snow, in fact, became an employee for TNA/GFW as both a wrestler and producer/agent since 2008. So he has been with the company for nearly a decade.

Last year, he established an official partnership with the company to launch a global training facility somewhat similar to WWE’s Performance Center.

But on 19th June 2017, Al Snow and two other agents left Global Force Wrestling that surprised many. Now more than a month later, he speaks about why he left the company he was with for so long.

Why he left…Is it Bad Blood or Drama?

For Snow it wasn’t both, but was merely a question of finances, and there are not enough spots available.
In the interview with SportsKeeda, Snow said the following:

His Departure:

“It was just a matter of finances. They have only a certain number of spots for agents/producers and Jeff Jarrett brought in several new guys. And to make room for the new guys, the older crew had to go. So, you know, it’s just how wrestling works. Whenever you are in any company or organization it’s about when it’s going to come to an end, not if it’s going to come to an end. I had a wonderful time there and wish them nothing but the best for the future. Maybe one day I’ll be able to go back and continue to do business with them again.”

Snow pretty clearly doesn’t have any grudges with the company, but it’s still kind of a bummer that he’s saying he was lay off to make room for “new guys,” which includes Dutch Mantel and Bruce Prichard.

Al_Snow on GFW better off with New Regime and Anthem Sports?

“I certainly hope so. I’m very cautiously optimistic. I think wrestling, not only in the United States but all around the world, needs as many viable outlets as possible not only for the wrestlers themselves but also the wrestling fans. And I think the more that wrestling has alternatives, it has competition, it will not only survive but thrive. I not only want to see Impact Wrestling survive but thrive and become very successful.”

His New Business:

“I have started a wrestling apparel company, and I believe it’s the only one by a wrestler, for the wrestling fan in all of us. I genuinely love wrestling. I’ve been involved in professional wrestling for 35 years. CollarXElbow is for someone who loves wrestling in all its forms from catch-as-catch-can, to freestyle, to Greco Roman, to jiu-jitsu, to judo to MMA to professional wrestling. CollarXElbow is the brand for all of them. They can go here and we’re shipping them worldwide. They’re wonderfully comfortable well-fitted shirts and apparel, and they’re a way to represent how much passion and love you love for wrestling.”


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