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Alberto El Patron Returns To Impact Wrestling

Alberto El Patron returned to Impact at Bound For Glory Mike Kalasnik, via Flickr


Alberto El Patron Returns To Impact Wrestling

Former TNA and GFW World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto El Patron made his return this past Sunday, at Impact Wrestling’s “Bound For Glory” PPV. Needless to say, he came back with a bit of anger to air out.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the long-winded tale of El Patron, he has been involved in some rather questionable situations. From Twitter feuds with former co-workers to his engagement with WWE‘s Paige; he has essentially gone through the wringer.

Upon appearing at BFG, he started to speak on how the company handled the domestic violence investigation he was involved in. Patron, formerly Del Rio, started off by saying how backstage officials had praised him in his debut earlier in the year. But, they would then betray him by “believing all the crap” and suspending him without pay; while the investigation was going on.

Said the former champ:

“I didn’t do anything, but they still suspended me. They stopped paying me! They took my title away from me. This place, they didn’t care about my family. They didn’t care about my three little babies. Stephanie, 3-years-old. Sophie, 4-years-old. And my son Joseph. They didn’t care.”

It appears that the company may turn this into a storyline, as El Patron is still relatively a fan favorite. He continued to complain that no one at Impact made an effort to contact him after he was cleared of the charges.

Alberto El Patron would then make a statement later on in the evening; interfering in the main event at the show’s finish.

What does this all mean?

It looks as if he may be back in the title picture after the interference, but only time will tell. Keep up with the TSJ_WWE Twitter feed for more info, as we will keep you up to date with all the news on this story, as it comes out.

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