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Austin Aries Insults Independent Promotion’s Ring, Leaves Crowd Stunned

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Austin Aries Insults Independent Promotion’s Ring

Perhaps one of the most jaw-dropping releases from the WWE came from the ever-impressive indie veteran, Austin Aries. Although he should have been one of the biggest draws to the company, the WWE seemed to be at loss with Double A, eventually throwing him into the cruiserweight division.

But that’s okay for Aries. He’s been busy working on his book, Food Fight, where he talks in great depth about his choice to become a vegan. Although he does speak of his wrestling career as well, the book is mostly about raising awareness about GMOs and other food disgraces. Nonetheless, he’s been keeping himself busy wrestling for smaller promotions as well, as his true passion still lies in the ring.

During the International Assault from World Series Wrestling, AA tagged with former WWE star, X-Pac. All seemed well. In fact, during their post-match promo, Aries says it was an “honor” to work with X-Pac.

Passing the microphone over, X-Pac was able to get the crowd pumped .Unfortunately, it’s clear that Aries wasn’t finished yet. He gave a small, charming tribute. But things got a little weird when Aries ad-libbed a bit, saying:

“But there’s one more thing. I’m known for being kinda an a-hole, and I’m known for speaking the truth. And here’s the truth of the fact. You’ve got some talented men and women back there. Out here, busting their ass [sic] and the stage that we bust our ass in is this wrestling ring. And, quite frankly, this wrestling ring is a f-cking disgrace!”

With that, Austin Aries dropped the microphone in the center of the ring, and the excited fans deflate. Luckily, X-Pac tried to pick up the pieces, but the audience was still kind of hostile towards the entire scenario.


If you want to watch the energy dissipate from the room, the video can be seen below:

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