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Billy Corgan’s NWA Deal in Jeopardy?

Billy Corgan/NWA Deal in Doubt? Smashing Pumpkins, via Flickr


Billy Corgan’s NWA Deal in Jeopardy?

It looks as if a monkey wrench has been thrown into Billy Corgan’s plans for the NWA. According to a report by PWInsider earlier this week, the deal is said to be “in jeopardy”. As reported by multiple sources, the snag is due to issues regarding the transfer of the promotion’s existing copyrights and trademarks.

As reported earlier, Smashing Pumpkins’ frontman Billy Corgan had agreed, in principle, to purchase the promotion. But, according to the sources, the copyright and trademarks on the brand name had lapsed sometime last year.

Bruce Tharpe’s International Wrestling Corp, LLC, the owning body of the NWA since 2012, reapplied for the trademarks on March 30th. The application has not yet been approved, which means that none of the trademarks can transfer over to Corgan.

Corgan has sought to purchase the company from Tharpe; including the name, rights and trademarks, as well as the NWA Championship belt. Also in the deal is Tharpe’s stake in the NWA on Demand VOD service. The licensing of the Paul Boesch wrestling library is also included in the deal.

Should the deal not go through, the future of the company is thought to be in doubt. And while Tharpe could very well continue with the On Demand service; he could just as well license the name out to indy promoters.

Both Corgan and Dave Lagana have been looking to establish relationships with the promotions who have licensed the NWA name.

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