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Bram loses control during Match

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What is out of control chaos?  Insane Championship Wrestling can answer that question because they recently, held ”Shug’s Hoose Party 4″ event, but during the show things got out of control and broke into a extreme chaos in one match. There are reports  saying that Global Force Wrestling star Bram, went berserk and shot on Ravie Davie, in a way that could of not been written for the script.

Lost Control

In case you are not familiar to the wrestling terms “to shoot” on someone means to legit fight them. They were running a wedding scene during the show between Ravie Davie and Martina, when Bram came down the ring and attacked everyone for no reason. Bram lost control, and made his appearance well known. After Bram’s attack this resulted in a match, but things got real.  Bram got crazy violent. What provoked Bram to attack? Nobody seems to have an answer to the question.


Results of the Match

After a close call of being brutally attacked , Ravie Davie managed to pin Bram and win the match via pinfall. Ravie Davie ended up with a swollen eye and a busted mouth.

Writer’s thoughts

I clearly think that if somebody is this violent should not even go this extreme. I believe that it could maybe bring some good views with the gimmicks and make it more entertaining, but it maybe too extreme. Where will this lead Bram in his future with the ICW? Was Bram’s violence what cost his marriage with Charlotte Flair? Will there be other people that will get attacked? These maybe questions that go unanswered or maybe answered at some point. We can take our minds and only imagine what Bram has up his sleeve now, but only time I will tell. You will never what will happen in the wrestling era, but that’s all the worth the fun and entertainment.

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