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Breaking News: Jim Cornette Returns to the Ring

Jim Cornette Mike Kalasnik via Flickr


Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette, is a pro wrestling manager, commentator, promoter, booker, podcaster, and the owner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling (1991 to 1995).

Cornette has been with many companies through his time in the business. He has worked for Continental Wrestling Association, Mid-South Wrestling, Jim Crockett Promotions, World Championship Wrestling, TNA Impact Wrestling (now GFW), Ring Of Honor (ROH), and World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment ( WWE).

Rumors are TRUE

Yesterday, reports started that Cornette was in talks with GFW Impact Wrestling about a possible role. Then, earlier today, reports made the rounds that he was actually backstage at the latest tapings.
Cornette was last seen on TNA television back in 2009, when he was fired by Dixie Carter after becoming frustrated working with Vince Russo.
He has a good relationship with Jeff Jarrett, so this should really come as no surprise.

Return to the Owl

It started with Bruce Prichard arriving with the GFW championship belt to read a prepared statement:

“Alberto El Patron voluntarily vacated the title, and he was awarding the title to the former champion, Bobby Lashley.”

Lashley did not come to the ring, but instead Cornette made a surprise comeback. They said hello to one another. However, Bruce asked why he was there since he didn’t call him. Cornette revealed Anthem gave him a call to “make things right.”

Prichard tried to kick him out of the ring, but Cornette fires him, and takes the GFW Championship. He then tells the security to escort him out of his ring and building.

Before leaving, Prichard said:

“This is not the last you’re going to see of me, I guarantee that,”

Cornette cut a worked shoot promo, saying…

“El Patron didn’t relinquish the title, he was stripped of it. There’s going to be a new culture in GFW, one that mandates everyone earns their spot and no big stars will come in for a vacation, and be shot to the top immediately.”

Then he announced a 20-man gauntlet match to crown the next Global Force champion.

Jim Cornette’s First Encounter

Before Cornette goes to leave, LAX cuts him off and says Low Ki should already be number one contender. They threaten that the management better not “screw him over.”
Cornette says he will listen, and he can do something else. This leads LAX making some more threats. But Cornette doesn’t waver. Instead, he says Low Ki is 20th in the battle royal, and they should leave it at that.

Writer’s View

I think GFW is very desperate to gain viewership. However, this could be quite successful.
Cornette was last seen on WWE Hall of Fame and WWE Table For 3, and he’s well-known among wrestling fans. The WWE’s recent spotlight brings him a boost, and GFW cashed in on the momentum. Well, good for them; not so good for the WWE.
Vince McMahon should hire him as a GM of Raw, rather than Kurt Angle. Even now, Kurt running with the GM role is fading. We will be seeing fans chanting “You Suck” for real.

Or if Vince really wanted to keep Kurt as GM, Cornette should at least be hired as head of the RAW creative writers.

What do you guys think? Did GFW made the right decision by bringing Cornette into the Owl Globe?


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