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Global Force Wrestling Announces Global Wrestling Network

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Global Force Wrestling

Global Force Wrestling (GFW), has gone through a lot of changes this year after Anthem Sports & Entertainment bought the company.

Jeff Jarrett goes from consultant to running the former Total Nonstop Action program again. And then they merged with Jarrett’s GFW project because they were smart enough to ditch the TNA letters.

Don’t forget the “Broken” issues with the Hardys that never seem to go away.

What’s next?

During the taping of Impact Wrestling, announcer Jeremy Borash mentions the launching of Global Wrestling Network on IOS, Android and

This network won’t include the newest live PPVs, but it will give fans a discounted price for live PPVs as well as merchandise. It will also feature content from every era of TNA/Impact Wrestling/GFW so far.

With $5.99 a month, fans around the world gets instant 24-hour access to the extensive GFW and IMPACT libraries.

The GFW_Network went online on Tuesday night

It appears as though they’re already hitting some pretty big snags. It could be possible that this link leaked out before GFW was truly ready to unveil it because there was no mention of its launch on social media or the official GFW website yet.

PWInsider reports that the network didn’t actually launch. GFW made the service live as they were tweaking the infrastructure, which made it possible for visitors to begin streaming and watching content for free.

The site was put online so they could work on the service but they didn’t put the site behind a private wall, so fans were able to access the content for free. The password protection was activated once the company realized the link was being passed around.

Hopefully, GFW can fix these issues so fans can enjoy their service.

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