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Impact Wrestling Asked Fans To Be Ring Crew In Ottawa

Impact Wrestling Simon Q, via Flickr


Impact Wrestling Asked Fans To Be Ring Crew In Ottawa

Well, looks like more strange things going on in the world of Impact Wrestling. After holding their Bound For Glory PPV, which featured the debut of former ROH Tag Champ and WWE Writer Jimmy Jacobs, indie superstar Sami Callahan, and… Impact Pizza??

But, aside from those happenings, along with stories dealing with their situation with Anthem; major names leaving the company, and a separation with Jeff Jarrett, there seem to be some strange times ahead.

Recently, local wrestling company Great North Wrestling posted on their Facebook page a call for fans to be ring crew for Impact. Posted last Friday, it is still on their page:

While this may seem like a great opportunity for the fans to take part in the show; this appears to be more of a cost-cutting measure than anything else. And, when you take into consideration what was reported by Mike Johnson on Reddit; coupled with the fact that all of Impact’s regular referees left the promotion rather than take a huge pay cut.

Johnson also reported that the company is working with a “skeleton crew” backstage, which would explain the “opportunity” for the fans to be their ring crew. For free.

Also, take into consideration that the company has been replacing veteran talent with less expensive indy stars; and the moves seem to speak volumes of the promotion’s financial woes.

But, if NXT has proven anything, perhaps all of Impact’s moves may work-out for them in the long run. Depending on the younger talent, of course.

Only time will tell.

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