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Jim Cornette Has Left GFW

Jim Cornette walks out of GFW, due to legal restrictions dealing with a past charge... Mike Kalasnik/ via


Well, That was fast!

TSJ reported less than a month ago that Jim Cornette returned to Global Force Wrestling or GFW and now it already looks like he is on his way out. Both Cornette and GFW confirmed that Cornette is no longer with the company.

People were suspicious of Cornette’s future with the company after it was announced that Bound for Glory, a big GFW pay-per-view would be in Toronto in November. This is significant because Cornette hasn’t been to Canada since 2010 after he was stopped at the border because of previous arrests in the 80’s.

Cornette explained that he was called by Jeff Jarrett in August and was brought in to start up some new storylines. However those talks included him being at Bound for Glory. Now that he’s gone, he obviously won’t be there.

Cornette said he will explain his departure further on his podcast later this week.


What is going on at GFW? Wrestlers are jumping ship as quickly as possible. Also free agents aren’t going to want to wrestle there because the company looks like a dumpster fire.

Lets rewind to a whole year ago and the GFW roster looks so much different then it does now. Some of their biggest names have left the company and gone elsewhere. The Hardy Boyz, Drew Mcintyre, Eric Young Mike Bennett, and Maria Kanellis are among the most notable. They have even had Alberto El Patron and Cody Rhodes during the last year and even they left already.

Cornette did say that there is no ill will toward GFW and that he left because of circumstances. If that’s true then great, but with GFW’s recent reputation I could see it being more then just circumstances.

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