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Jimmy Jacobs on Life After The Infamous Selfie with The Bullet Club

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Jimmy Jacobs

Jimmy Jacobs, 12-year career in Ring of Honor (ROH), where he is a five-time World Tag Team Champion. He has also worked for WWE as a writer. Jacobs is currently signed to Impact Wrestling.

The artist formerly  known as “The Zombie Princess”; succeeded on the grandest stage possible, delivering WWE talent and fans with some of the most memorable content over the past two-and-a-half years. His work as a writer in WWE includes; “The List of Jericho”, the “Festival of Friendship” with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, and integral segments in a compelling feud between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler in the fall of 2016; that teased Ziggler’s retirement.

“There was a promo segment in Cleveland, Ohio with Miz and Dolph Ziggler, and Dolph said he was going to put his career on the line.”

“Some days your ideas go through and sometimes they don’t, but this was one of those days when my ideas got through and then they worked.” He said.

He is release by the WWE after posting an Instagram picture with The Bullet Club during their invasion of Raw last month.

The Reincarnation of Zombie Princess,

The former indie star turned WWE writer has returned to his independent roots, but with a far different perspective on his career and outlook on the business.

“Before, life was a fight, and it was me against the world. I had to fight for everything. Now!? It’s me with the world. No s—, I’m as happy as I’ve ever been.” said the Zombie Princess.

He returns to the ring at WrestleCircus where he cut a promo on the WWE wrestler’s quality.

“For the past two and a half years, I’ve been wearing a suit and tie and writing promos for guys that couldn’t hold my microphone.”

Jimmy Jacobs, while in WWE…

At that point, Jacobs is still new to WWE. Despite his intelligence and passion for wrestling, he’s yet to earn devout followers of his writing.

“I don’t want to say a lot of people were against me, but a lot of people thought this segment wouldn’t work out,” he said. “Different people thought the way I had it laid out wasn’t the way to do it.”

A detractor of the segment was none other than the face of WWE: John Cena.

“John Cena was always really great to me,” he noted. “John saw that I had the passion, so he’d always check in on me. He asked me what I was doing that day in Cleveland, so I told him. Cena gave me a, ‘Well, we’ll see how that goes.’”

He lays out the segment, but Cena seems unimpressed.

“He was really skeptical, basically saying, ‘I don’t think that’s going to work,’” he added. “And I’m not knocking John Cena. John was the man. I f—— love John Cena. But with the way I had it laid out, we weren’t leaving on boos directed at the Miz or Dolph ending by saying, ‘I’m going to kick your ass!’ We were leaving on the gravity of Dolph putting his career on the line.”

“John said to me, ‘We’re in a yay-boo business. You’ve got to leave them with either cheering Dolph Ziggler or booing The Miz.’ So I said, ‘Well, we’re up in four minutes, so we’ll see.’”

“John watched from ‘Gorilla’,” said Jacobs. “Afterwards, he said, ‘I was skeptical, but that was a homerun. I really felt that.’ I was really proud of that.”

The segment created suspense, delivering just enough to plant the seed of doubt that Ziggler’s career was coming to an end.

Jimmy Jacobs Continues…

He’s quick to clarify his comments, saying he has no hard feelings towards anyone at his former employer. He tweeted:

“For the record, I have zero bitter feelings towards WWE. I had a great two and a half years there. But now I’m very excited to perform again.”

Bringing back: black suede ankle boots, white women’s jeans, black tank top, and a sparkly sports jacket with a scarf; sure makes Jericho envious. He completes with a fox necklace around his neck, in honor of a passage from his favorite book; The Little Prince.

“The Fox shares a bit of wisdom,” said Jacobs. “‘It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What’s essential is invisible to the eyes.’ That’s the wisdom of the fox, so I keep that around my neck.”

In September, WWE fires him after posting “Instagram” photo with The Bullet Club; during their “invasion” of Monday Night RAW.

“I am in the best place physically and mentally as I’ve ever been,” he said. “I’m hot right now coming off WWE, and I know that’s going to die down. I’m going to have fun and enjoy myself. Being on the other side and working for WWE, there are benefits and negatives. I can now appreciate the freedom of being an independent wrestler again.”

“There is a lot I learned working for WWE and working with Vince McMahon. I don’t agree with everything he does or says, but there is definitely great s— to take away. And the truth is, I posted that selfie and nobody gave a f—. It took WWE firing me for people to care about that. If you’re going to get fired, running an angle with the hottest group outside of WWE was a good way to do it.”

Jimmy Jacobs on WWE sending Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn back Home,

Both are Jacobs’ close friends during his time in the company, and are send home because of their misbehavior during a trip overseas.

When  Justin Barrasso of asked:

“Nothing Vince does is surprising,” he reply. “It’s his sandbox. But the truth is, whatever happened was a misunderstanding. I know those guys, and they’re not the guys who are like, ‘F— no, we’re not doing that!’ They wouldn’t go into business for themselves in the middle of the ring. Almost nobody f—— does that. Whatever happened was a miscommunication, that’s all.”

It really doesn’t matter now; since Owens and Zayn returns to television last Tuesday, and the lack of further rumors probably means; everyone is moving forward after whatever happened.

In addition to an appearance at Ring of Honor’s Global Wars iPPV in Chicago, Jacobs spent time working as a producer and on-air talent from Impact during their Bound for Glory pay per view and recent television tapings in Ottawa.

“Impact was a lot of fun when I was there a couple weeks ago,” he said. “My future remains to be seen. After being tied to a contract for two and a half years, it’s nice to have a little breathing room. I get to be me and be my own boss, and I’m going to go where it serves me, rewards me, and people like having me around.”

When he is asks for the best wrestler currently active in the world, his answer is not Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, or anyone else from the WWE roster or from NXT. He choice is:

“If I’m picking teams, right off the bat, for everybody who knows what the f— is up in wrestling, it’s Joey Mercury,” he adds.

Jimmy Jacobs on why he pick Joey Mercury,

“It’s a crime right now that more people don’t have him on their shows. I don’t know why Impact would have interest in me before him. He was producing and booking shows at the highest level possible, he was a coach in NXT, an on-air talent and produced segments right after. He’s the smartest person I’ve met in wrestling, and I’ve learned the most from him. If I was starting a wrestling company, he’d be my first guy.” He said.

His Final Words,

His excitement now is that wrestling audiences gets a new opportunity to see the returning “Zombie Princess”. When given the chance to see him live, Jacobs promises to never disappoint, both on the microphone, where he is immensely talented, and in the ring.

“Whatever happens to my character next, in whatever story, company, or capacity, I just hope that I’m a lift on people’s life and not a load,” he say. “Hopefully we can do a few good things that people like to see, and I’ll take it as far as I can.”

“Zombie Princess is back from the dead.”


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