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CZW: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jimmy Havoc Days Away, Match Card Details

Jimmy Jacobs CZW Adrian Gomez via Flickr


Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jimmy Havoc Slated for CZW Event

Even if you’re not familiar with Jimmy Jacobs’ work, you have heard of him recently. If you can’t place the name, he’s the creative team member who infamously took a photo with Bullet Club members outside of a WWE event. Because of that, he was fired.

He’s also the brains behind some of the best storylines the WWE has come up with in recent memory. Chris Jericho’s “List” and the “Festival of Friendship” are both said to be Jacobs’ brainchild. Of course, now that he is no longer with the company, he’s been busy working with other independent promotions. Most recently, Jimmy Jacobs has been scheduled to face Jimmy Havoc for an upcoming CZW event.

In late November, CZW was able to confirm the “Cage of Death” match on December 9. The Tournament of Death champion, Jimmy Havoc, would be returning to CZW to face off against Jacobs in what many would consider a dream match. The bout between the two should be interesting, as they both have outlandish characters. CZW is not shy to pushing limits and going to the extreme. Because of that, it will be a great show.

The Havoc/Jacobs match isn’t all, though. We’re days away from Jimmy Lloyd against “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont in a Thumbtack Massacre. Alex Colon will be toeing up against Mr. Claxton in a grudge match. Also, inside a Cage of Death, we’ll see CZW champ Rickey Shane Page take on both Joe Gacy and Shane Strickland.

And, in an interesting twist of storyline, CZW Wired TV champion Joey Janela will defend against MJF. However, fans are expecting Penelope Ford to get involved in a big way, perhaps even jumping ship once and for all.

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