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News: Local Wrestler William Ogletree Passed Away

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William Ogletree

William Ogletree, 25, was an Oklahoma City musician, comedian and independent wrestler. He was following his dream to become a popular wrestler. But tragedy strikes on Sunday night of August 27th 2017, when he suffered a serious injury.

It’s his first match; little did he or his family know that his first appearance would be his last.

A mistake, can be avoided with proper measurements been taken, cost him and his family more than anyone expected. A simple mistake has taken the life of a bright and vibrant young man wise beyond his years.

According to the Oklahoman,

Ogletree was wrestling at a staged wrestling event on Sunday, at Oklahoma City’s Blue Note Lounge. The event was unsanctioned and unlicensed, which means it was taking place without any state approval whatsoever.

His Uncle states,

“William was in a match on Sunday when he took a maneuver called a “spine buster.” It is a move that has one person (Ogletree) run at their opponent, who then lifts them in the air and slams them down flat on their back with a lot of force.”

“He was not even aware that his nephew had started participating in or even knowing much about professional wrestling. He knew William had an interest in it, but he didn’t realize it went any further than that.”

After he’s hurt, they send him to the OU Medical Center, where he remains for a couple of days. As of Tuesday, he’s still in critical condition, but by afternoon, he has no brain activity at all. Then his family makes the decision to remove him from life support in order to fulfill his final wish to be an organ donor.

“He’s an amazing individual, a very talented musician, a very funny comedian,” said local comedian Spencer Hicks.

William Ogletree died far too soon…

He is a stand-up comedian and even plays the guitar for a local rock band – the Hitt Boyz.

The young man from Oklahoma had a lot of irons in the fire and simply wanted to take part in something else as well, and that is why he became involved in wrestling.

It is likely that he is hoping to make it on the independent scene, but unfortunately, his death comes far too soon due to things they do isn’t the right way, by those organizing the event.

As report by Wrestling Inc., all professional wrestling events in the state of Oklahoma require to have a license by the state athletic commission.

The event is set-up by B.L.O.W. (Balthazar’s Ladies of Wrestling), which has a head promoter of Leslie Hensley. Hensley said they are investigating the situation, as is the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office and the police.

Joe Miller is the administrator of the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission, and he states that the event is not license at all. Miller issue a statement, but neither Hensley nor the Blue Note Lounge say anything at this time.

First Assistant District Attorney Scott Rowland tell that it is too early to tell at this point, but pending the investigation, criminal charges may end up being issue.

Don’t Try This At Home.

Wrestling is something that should always leave it to the professionals, but some can’t help but imitate it, and it can lead to very unfortunate circumstances. This is a good warning, as professional wrestling’s target are mostly younger audiences.

A Go Fund Me account has been created to help Will’s family. 

We ThaSportsJunkies101 Family sends our deepest condolences to Will’s Family and Friends.


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