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Breaking News: Low Ki and GFW Part Ways

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Low Ki and GFW Part Ways

Low Ki, aka Kaval (in WWE), is best known for his numerous stints with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling/Impact Wrestling/Global Force Wrestling.  In 2013, he started to wrestle the entire match in a suit, inspired by Agent 47, from the Hitman video game series.

Championship Wins

He is a one-time PWG World Champion, the inaugural ROH Champion, and a three-time NWA World Tag-Team Champion.

He is a three-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion, a one-time Zero-One International Junior Heavyweight and NWA International Lightweight tag-team champion.

In & Out of TNA

Low Ki’s first stint with Total_Nonstop_Action_Wrestling (TNA) was on June 2002. He then left the company in July 2004.

He returned to TNA during the 2006 Lockdown PPV as Christopher Daniels’ “mystery opponent.” In December 2007, he resigned and left the promotion once again.

Low Ki also had a short stint in NXT and Smackdown back in 2010.

In 2011, he returned to TNA once again and competed in a four-way match. This was for a TNA contract at Destination_X, but Austin Aries beat him in the finals.

April 2017…

This was his fourth stint in TNA/Impact/GFW, and he won his fifth X Division Championship, feuding with Sonjay Dutt, and joining LAX. But again he decides to leave, despite him being heavily involved in the recent storylines as a member of LAX.

PWInsider has reported that Low Ki has parted ways with GFW over the course of their last marathon set of the taping this past week.

The Problem?

Despite reports, the split was both creative and financial.

However, Wrestling Observer Newsletter states that it was strictly creative. Apparently, GFW presented a contract that Low Ki agreed upon. He wanted to be in the main event rather than the X-Division.

Low Ki vs. Management

The Newsletter added that names such as Johnny Impact, Matt Sydal, and Eli Drake among others, are in the title plans, but Low Ki is not.

As a result, Lo Ki complained to management, even after the situation was sorted out. This lead to the departure. It will be his fifth time leaving the company.

But Ki also has a track record of never really hanging around anywhere very long. Regardless of the reason, it appears as though GFW once again Ki-less, and that’s a shame.

Currently, GFW has not granted the release, and he is still under contract with the company through October.

Writer’s View

I think Lo Ki has what it takes to be the World Champion, and he’s no stranger to being one. GFW has made a big mistake in my view. Not to mention, they have lost a lot of people within the last few months.

It will be interesting where he pops up again, or maybe in another eight months or so, he will return to GFW.

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