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News: Major Stars Leaving GFW Impact Wrestling.

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GFW impact wrestling has lost quite a few stars since the new regime took over. Anthem rebuilt new creative team, and so an overhaul of management and backstage personnel.

Talents Gain.

After Impact Wrestling merged with GFW Wrestling, they brought in new stars such as indie favorites Dezmond Xavier, Kongo Kong, Marshe Rockett and more.
Yesterday on their twitter account, they announced that John Hennigan (formerly known as John Morrison in WWE), Drago and Taya Valkyrie from Lucha Underground, would be joining GFW.
Also news going around that they are trying to get Rey Mysterio Jr to sign with the company too.

Talents Lost

As everyone knows, GFW lost Aj Styles, Samoa Joe, The Hardyz, Bobby Rhoode, Crazzy Steve, Drew Galloway, Jade, Mike Bennett + Maria and more. Now they lost three more major stars-

He was a former TNA and GFW World Heavyweight Champion, and returned for a small angle in order to protect the continuity angle of merging the GFW and Impact Wrestling World titles.
He later confirm on his twitter account-

“Thanks Adam but I’m not there amy more. My brief return was just a flying visit. I enjoyed commentary though. Big respect for announcers.”

Since his wife, Mickie James, is working for the WWE on RAW, rumors are automatically going around that he could be heading to the WWE himself.

Matt Morgan
He was lured out of retirement again to rejoin the company, but due to an increasing workload of GFW, he decided to part ways. He explains on Wrestling Inc. podcast:

“made an agreement to wrestle with them on weekends, right? Where I didn’t have to leave my 9-5 job, anything like that. And unfortunately it just didn’t work out because they switched it and they started taping on week days and they’re looking to travel.”

GFW Final Lost-

Davey Richards (One Half of  The American Wolves)
A few hours ago, Davey Richards announced on Twitter that he had come to terms with his release from GFW.
It wasn’t due to the new contracts or displeasure, but rather that his medical school education.

The education is becoming a bigger priority in his life. And he had to focus more on his dream of becoming a doctor than remain for a few more years in the wrestling industry.

While he may still take some indie bookings, it’s safe to say that Richards’ wrestling career is probably winding up, sooner rather than later.
He wrote on his twitter account:

“Thank you to everyone @IMPACTWRESTLING !! Keep watching every Thursday night @PopTV !!”

And also with a note saying:

“Today I came to terms with GFW for my release. This story however is a happy one. I have nothing but good memories and great things to say about my time there. Truth is-I love wrestling, but my goal is to be a Doctor. I have managed my time in doing both my school, my job as a Paramedic. Being a dad, and a wrestler as best I could for as long as I could. But the demands, as I head into the last couple years of Medical School, have brought me to a point where I have to choose one or another.”


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