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Relaunching of NWA is in Progress by Billy Corgan

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NWA Relaunch is in Progress, According to Billy Corgan

Finally! There’s a relaunching of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) with Smashing Pumpkins legend, Billy Corgan, at the wheel. He has plans to incorporate of which wrestling is currently viewed. Corgan said:

“We want to be part of a new revolution of how many wrestling can be consumed by fans and matches can be presented. This NWA brand dates back to 1948. The past few years have not been as kind as we would have liked, but we plan on building this into a powerhouse over time.”

Billy Corgan has a 20-Year Plan for Business

Corgan purchased the brand over the summer. It’s been relevant since the late 80s. It has been noted that Corgan retained the licensing agreement on the Boesch Family Houston Wrestling video library, which is still owned by the family. Now, the success of the NWA hasn’t had a positive outcome yet, but Corgan has a 20-year business plan that he believes will allow his company to become successful.

People have asked him why he chose to buy the company. He simply said; “We have seen how the WWE is positioned, and how Anthem has positioned Impact Wrestling. It makes Corgan want to improve with NWA.”

Inside the wrestling business, the industry leader for the WWE produces live programming twice a week. Additionally, there has been increased popularity from New Japan Wrestling during its trip into the United States this past summer. There is a lot more independent circuits around the country that also have television programming. That list includes Ring of Honor, Lucha Underground, and Impact Wrestling.

However, wrestling’s overall numbers, including attendance and ratings, are down drastically from the turn of the century.

Billy discovered the numbers that wrestling was receiving averaged eight to ten million people per week on television. He believes he can raise those numbers. The NWA’s former owner, Bruce Tharpe, leased out affiliated licenses that expire on October 1. The entire brand is now in Billy Corgan’s control. His focus is the NWA 20 year-plan, and that he’s not just going to come in and throw money around for two years. Billy noted they have learned from the past mistakes of TNA.

Future of the NWA

Corgan is armed with knowledge and is setting out to rebuild the brand. He wants fans that know nothing about the brand, to honor and respect the tradition it has. He wants to start with Ring of Honor. Then, perhaps a New Japan era, and start building from there.

Corgan’s intimate knowledge of TNA dates back to his time as president of IMPACT Ventures, and saw him oversee daily operations of TNA/Impact Wrestling. However, he was no longer associated with the company by that November, and an ensuing court case ruled that Impact’s new owners, Anthem Sports and Entertainment, would repay Corgan’s loans to the wrestling company.

The NWA has a vision. They want things to be put together with a business plan and have more of a  concern for the wrestlers’ bodies. Corgan is moving toward the future of the entertainment business in hopes to make things successful as well.

“You have to build your own infrastructure from the bottom up and work with people you really trust. The traditional ‘carny’ aspect of the wrestling business that plagues a lot of companies, and has plagued a company like TNA, are problems that hold the business back. You can’t run an effective business if it’s like Game of Thrones every week.”

Corgan sees the Struggles

Corgan has noticed the struggles that Anthem has encountered in regards to Impact Wrestling.

“I speak to Ed at least once, if not twice a week,” said Corgan. Corgan, contrary to popular belief in the wrestling community, never lost his lawsuit.

“After everything was resolved in the settlement, I called Ed. I said, ‘I think we’re going to be doing business together in the future and I want you to know there is no issue.’ I obviously got involved in the Hardy situation, which never got resolved to anyone’s satisfaction. Though it was close at times. Ed has had to clean up a lot of messes and he takes a lot of stick in the press. Behind the scenes, I’ve found him to be a pretty straight-forward guy.”

Corgan was asked to comment on whether Anthem reached out this past July for an investment. Anthem has been supposedly strapped for cash for a long time.

Forming Alliances

Of course, in any wrestling company, the spotlight is on the champion. Corgan has current NWA champion Tim Storm working in well-respected David Marquez’s Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. The intention is to re-introduce the belt to a larger audience as well as for an alliance with the company.

“We don’t see the brand, or, in this case, the NWA title, as proprietary as having to be on our turf or on our terms,” said Corgan. “We need to create relationships, much like Anthem is trying to do with AAA, to build and create audiences. Hopefully we can build a long-term relationship with Marquez that is mutually beneficial. He has shown great agility at taking the local TV market and running a profit. He has history with the NWA since the mid-90s, and that was our first shot at doing something across the bow.”

“We like to turn up the flame of what we’re doing slowly until we’re really ready to come out full guns blazing,” said Corgan. “That’s the way we want to work, we want to build relationships. I said this repeatedly at TNA, and I say this at our meetings, the future of the business is people working together.”

Corgan works with trusted business partner David Lagana to create a pathway for NWA success. Reintroducing the NWA brand to the wrestling universe will be a rough process. Right now, their plan is to partner with “friendly” territories over the next year with Lagana in charge of day-to-day operations while Corgan tours for his new album.

Success towards NWA

Lagana has been a successful wrestling content creator for multiple different promotions. He has been writing, directing, and producing for over 15 years in WWE, Ring of Honor, and Impact Wrestling, as well as directing Corgan’s Thirty Days documentary and the superb End of Independents documentary on Drew “McIntyre” Galloway.

“David comes from television and I come from entertainment’ said Corgan.

“You have an aging fan base that has shown in the past few years that it is willing to pay more to have access. But, it’s a shrinking, aging fan base,” noted Corgan. “For probably the first time in wrestling’s history, it seems to be moving away from  where every other entertainment culture is obsessively focused on youth to create their next generation of fans.”

“In the brand-building business, which I am, you have to be willing to make investments, find the right talent, and cultivate a culture resolute in believing that you’d rather have more people seeing your product and having access to your product.”

Additionally, Corgan explained that he would rather have 300,000 people watching the NWA for free than 4,000 people watching behind a paid wall.

Writer’s Thoughts

Billy Corgan really seems to have a bright and successful plan to make NWA great again. It may just over power the other wrestling circuits. Do you see a future with the NWA? And, do you think Billy Corgan can do it? Feel free to comment below, and let us know what you think the future of the NWA will be like.

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