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Ex-WWE Star Shane Helms slamming Ex PornHub Star

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Shane Helms

Shane Helms aka The Hurricane; former WWE and Impact Wrestling Star, spectacularly trolled ex-porn star and now sport reporter Mia Khalifa.
Khalifa is usually pretty sharp when it comes to the world of social media after becoming notorious for revealing direct messages after luring in a host of American sport stars.

The War of Words Begins.

Khalifa spoke out earlier this week about former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, and her much-rumored move to the WWE. Khalifa mincing no words in her criticism of both Rousey and professional wrestling in general; she finds herself calls out by numerous fans on social media.

On Thursday’s episode of Complex’s YouTube show “Out of Bounds”; Khalifa and former NBA star Gilbert Arenas talks about a number of hot topics from the world of sports; including Ronda Rousey’s transition from mixed martial arts to professional wrestling.

As quoted by Maxim, Khalifa predicted that Rousey’s career will flounder if she signs with WWE, while adding that she has “no respect” for professional wrestling, WWE included.
She said the following:

“This is where her career will go to die. I have no respect for the WWE, it’s not a real sport. It’s embarrassing.”

While WWE’s current wrestlers have yet to make any public remarks about Khalifa’s anti-WWE rant; one of the company’s former talents, Hurricane Helms, sent off a tweet that some Wrestling News have described as “savage” or “brutal”.

“I’m not gonna get upset that a porn star doesn’t respect Pro Wrestling. She’s entitled to her opinion. Our body takes a pounding and well… so does hers.”

Shane Helms went too far?

A host of wrestling supporters loved it as he referred to her exploits in the porn business.

The comment is obviously means to be tongue-in-cheek, however, some people are jumping to Khalifa’s defense, regardless of whether they like wrestling or not.

They’ve said that it’s easy to have a discussion or argument with someone about something, without having to “slut shame” them in some way. Of course! the adult film star didn’t write her comments carefully, considering majority of comebacks do write themselves, but the point still remains.

Khalifa is no stranger to disrespecting fans and sports, as she gets send-away from an MLB playoff game for punching a fan; trying to take a selfie with her in Cubs vs. Dodgers game.

She is not the first social media personality to get flak in recent months for slamming professional wrestling as a “fake” sport. Based on Still Real To Us, YouTube star Trisha Paytas posts a video rant in June; claiming SmackDownLive wrestler Dolph Ziggler ditch her, and she repeatedly refers to WWE as “fake bulls**t.” She later claims to have verbally abuse on social media by “gross” WWE fans; posting her personal details and make nasty comments in retaliation to her disdainful remarks about Ziggler and the WWE.


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