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Sid Vicious Cancels Appearance, Blames Trump Travel Ban

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Sid Vicious Cancels Appearance, Blames Trump Travel Ban

Recently, former WWF legend Sid Vicious was expected to appear at an independent event in Cleveland but announced that he wouldn’t be appearing because of unforeseen circumstances.

The morning of the event, Vicious told the company, Absolute Intense Wrestling, that he wouldn’t be attending the event because he couldn’t get there due to President Donald Trump’s Travel Ban.

“Sid claimed Donald Trump’s travel ban prevented him from boarding his flight to Cleveland this morning because of an unpaid speeding ticket and he claimed this is new government policy since he didn’t have his passport even though he was traveling within the United States and is a United States Citizen.”

Former WWE superstar Hornswoggle replaced Vicious at the Meet & Greet.


This is a very weird story. I could be wrong but this just seems like a poor excuse for doing something you don’t want to do. To me, Vicious knew he was committed to this event but tried to find a way to get out of his scheduled appearance.

Our President has been the focal point of criticism since he took office almost a year ago. So using a Trump policy as an excuse to avoid doing something isn’t the worst way to do it. This is because, whether it makes any sense or not, some people will disagree with Trump on anything. So people will believe what Vicious said.

So if this policy is just an excuse to get out of a scheduled appearance, there may be something going on in Vicious’ life. If this is the case, lets hope that its nothing serious and Vicious is back on the independent circuit sooner rather than later.

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