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Wrestlers Speak Out Against Sexist Chants From Fans

Oli Sandler via Flickr


Wrestling fans can be cruel at times, especially at independent wrestling shows where one person’s words can be heard loudly. Recently, UK wrestler, Jimmy Havoc heard some of these comments at a show and decided to speak out about it. The chants were extremely sexist and misogynist towards the women wrestlers at the show. Havoc had this to say on Twitter afterward on the sexist chants.

In response to Will Ospreay, Havoc’s revealed that the fans yelling these sexist comments were at a Fight Club Pro Wrestling. Ospreay himself is one of the youngest and most exciting British wrestling talents. Ospreay then displayed his displeasures with the fans with this tweet.


Havoc and Ospreay were not the only wrestlers that spoke out about the sexist chants. Many wrestlers took to Twitter to talk about sexist and misogynistic chants in wrestling. Wrestlers such as Joey Ryan, Aleister Black, Deonna Purrazzo, among many others spoke out against sexist chants.


It is refreshing to see pro wrestlers speaking out for the greater good. Independent wrestlers often time have a special connection to the fans at these shows. The venues are smaller than an average WWE show, and many wrestlers make their money off selling their merchandise. Interactions with fans are crucial to independent wrestlers to build a following, and speaking up for the greater good should be commended here. They are taking the risk of upsetting fans and possibly losing money. Luckily, it wasn’t just wrestlers that agreed with Havoc and others, but it seems as though the general public agrees with the wrestlers.

Women have received more and more respect from wrestling fans and wrestlers alike over the last few years. Women have achieved so much all around the world, and these chants should be called out and silenced.