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Long Overdue: WWE Legend Vader should be in HOF 2018.

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Vader, better known by his ring name Big Van Vader; most notably performed for New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), and All Japan Pro Wrestling(AJPW), during the 1990s and 2000s.

He is also a super heavyweight wrestler, but capable of aerial maneuvers such as the Vadersault. In 1990, one of his most famous matches: the one where his eye allegedly popped out of its socket before he pushed it back in. He would continuously keep pushing on it throughout the match, as the swelling eventually kept it from popping back out.

Wrestling Career & Championship Wins,

He is the first non-Japanese IWGP Heavyweight Championship holder,  IWGP Tag Team Championship, three times WCW World Heavyweight Championship, two times Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship, and one time WCW United States Heavyweight Championship.

He’s one of pro wrestling’s biggest and toughest heels in the 1980s and ’90s for both WWE and WCW. At 6-foot-5 and over 400 pounds, he is known for brutalizing his opponents; he would club them with fists, forearms and clotheslines before ending matches with a ferocious powerbomb. In WWE, he finish his opponent with VaderBomb.

But surprisingly WWF/E never gave an opportunity for him to become their champion. Not even Tag Team or Intercontinental Champion.

His Health…

On Nov 15, 2016, He wrote on his official twitter account that he has two years left to live.

“Told by 2.heart Drs at this time that my heart is wore out from football&wrestling I have 2 yrs to live, congestive heart failure reality”

According to Leon White(real name), doctors have told one of the industry’s most beloved big men that years of football and professional wrestling have led to congestive heart failure, which likely will become fatal in the coming years.

Vader is tougher than a 2$ steak!

Before the heart condition, he was bedridden for six months, after his double knee replacement surgical wounds became infected.  White passed out during a plane trip to Japan for an autograph session, and he was in a coma for 33 days.

During a show celebrating the 45th anniversary of the career of WWE Hall of Famer Tatsumi Fujinami, Vader wrestled a match against Japanese wrestling legend Riki Choshu and wound up passing out.

Early reports associated his unconsciousness with dehydration, but it was later confirmed – by Mastodon himself – that it was due to being dropped on his head during the match.

In March 2017, Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast interview; White explained that he regretted tweeting about his diagnosis. He then state that he’ll continue wrestling, and also saying that if the tests are prove to be true, he would like to die in the ring.

Thankfully, WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page reaches out to White, and started working with him through Page’s DDP Yoga program in hopes of getting him into shape.


All the Mastodon fans around the world will agree that he needs to be in the WWE HALL OF FAME 2018. He has achieved a huge amount of success in Japan & WCW. Though he never became a WWE Heavyweight Champion not because he’s untalented, but because of backstage politics.

Someone higher up in WWE thinks he’s not a championship material; though all the fans knows that if he’s in his prime now, he could easily beat Lesnar, Strowman and Reigns.

WWE named Stone Cold as the toughest SOB in WWE history, and Lesnar as the baddest superstar, but the real Big Bad & Toughest Wrestler in WWE goes to BIG VAN VADER!

Vader Deserved it,

He is a True Living Legend.

We only see him last appear in WWE on April 2, 2016, making an induction speech on behalf of 2016 Hall of Fame inductee Stan Hansen (the one who made his eye popped out). 2017 should have been the year he was inducted, but somehow WWE doesn’t think so.

Writer’s Hope,

I have tweeting Vince Mcmahon, Shane Mcmahon, Stephanie Mcmahon, Triple H, and WWE for three years now, to induct Vader into the Hall Of Famer. But my wish never came true, rather i see some undeserving Actors & Politicians gets the spot. People that didn’t make The Mcmahon money, but the opposite.

So I do hope this coming #HOF2018, me personally, sees the induction vdo package starts with the mastodon helmet and then the red mask with the music in the back “It’s TIME, It’s TIME, IT’s….VADER TIME!!!”


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