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Heated Twitter Exchange Between Alberto Del Rio and Paige’s Dad


Feud Gets Heated Between Former WWE Champion and Paige’s Father

Things sure have gotten heated quickly between ADR and Ricky Knight.

As usual, Alberto Del Rio (now known as El Patron) doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut. Generally, Del Rio is busy making drunken, ridiculous statements about the WWE. This time, the former WWE champion fired off shots to Ricky Knight, who is Paige’s dad. In like manner of his past comments, ADR is using Twitter to enhance their ongoing feud.

Currently, Del Rio is the champion of Ricky Knight’s promotion, the World Association of Wrestling. Recently, the pair has been blurring the lines between kayfabe and reality. Each man has been taking to their Twitter accounts to enhance a feud between them. In fact, the feud has grown so much that now Knight plans on facing his son-in-law for the WAW title in Norwich.

The series of tweets are both intriguing and somewhat condescending:


Where The Feud Started…

Back in October, Knight issued a statement saying he was “against his daughter marrying that man.” In the long run, Paige has stood by her choice in a relationship despite the massive backlash from the WWE. Perhaps the relationship has caused some heated tension within her family, too.

Although the whole crew has been in and out of the news for various reasons, the popularity of WAW will likely rise. Because the company is using a very real issue to promote its programming, WAW is going to benefit from using the discontent between the two men as they continue towards their match in mid-May.

Whatever the case, they must have patched things up enough for Knight to put the belt of his promotion on ADR. Since taking their feud public, there has been quite a stir. Now, the men are using the angle to gain massive attention from fans, which appears to be working. Despite Knight being in his 60s, the storyline’s authenticity and real-life feel make it much more interesting. Not to mention, it will be fascinating to hear Paige’s stance on this feud.

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