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G1 Climax Concludes but Now What?

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The G1 Climax Block Finals

As the wrestling world waited to see who would represent each block in the G1 Climax Final, incredible action took place every night of the competition.

Fans were able to see matches that they normally would only dream of. As the block phase was winding down, it was clear that there were a limited number of talents who mathematically could make a push to win their blocks.

In Block A, Tetsuya Naito, Bad Luck Fale, and Hiroshi Tanahashi were the clear leaders heading into the later stages of the tournament.

In Block B, it came down to EVIL, Kazuchika Okada, and Kenny Omega. Despite the lack of options late in the tournament, amazing in ring work was on display every night with Zack Sabre Jr, Kota Ibushi, Minoru Suzuki, and Sanada putting on dazzling displays.

The Block Finals would come down to 2 matches with all the story lines needed for compelling action. In Block A, Naito and Tanahashi have battled over the I.W.G.P. Intercontinental Championship all year and the final match of the round would come down to these two men with Naito securing the victory.

Block B would culminate in the third match in one of the most iconic trilogies of all time. Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega, who have had 2 match of the year level performances already this year, would set the wrestling world on fire with Omega finally picking up his much needed win to even the lifetime series.

Who walks away as G1 Climax Champion?

Kenny Omega and Tetsuya Naito make for an action packed match and one with so many possibilities going forward. Would Omega win the G1 Climax and go on for a fourth match with Okada? Would Naito win and rekindle his feud with Okada from early 2016? The stage was set for another match of the year candidate and these two wouldn’t let the fans down. After over 30 minutes of action, Tetsuya Naito would win the G1 Climax. He secures his spot at the biggest event of the year, Wrestle Kingdom.

Now What?

Now that the G1 Climax has come to a close, we have some idea of what New Japan will do with the I.W.G.P. World Heavyweight Championship. Where do they go with the other talents on the roster as they begin their build towards Wrestle Kingdom?

Obviously Okada and Naito will be the headline match but what will they do with the rest of the talent? It seems logical that Hiroshi Tanahashi will begin a program for the I.W.G.P. Intercontinental Championship potentially with EVIL who performed so well during the G1 Climax Tournament.

In addition, with New Japan looking to expand into the United States market with the recently created I.W.G.P. United States Championship, it seems likely that Kenny Omega will defend that championship on the card as well.

Who would they book him against? Some have suggested that he face Kota Ibushi. The two have teased a confrontation before over Ibushi leaving New Japan last summer for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic.

On the other hand, it seems as though New Japan would want to foster the American audience with a match that has been building since the I.W.G.P. United States Championship was created.

A match featuring Kenny Omega defending against fellow Bullet Club member and current Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion Cody Rhodes would make a lot of sense.

Regardless of what New Japan decides to do, the matches coming to Wrestle Kingdom and other shows leading up to the big event should be must see television.

United States fans who appreciate the New Japan product can tune in to AXS Television. The G1 Climax will be shown weekly. It is a great time for New Japan as they make a case for being the #2 promotion in the world.

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