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Io Shirai No Longer Coming To WWE?



Stardom’s Io Shirai may not be coming to WWE anymore

Contrary to earlier reports, Io Shirai is not coming to the WWE and will be staying with STARDOM, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports. There is no official word on why the WWE pulled her contract, but it is noted that she

Shirai, 27, is a top female star that has made her name during her time with Japan’s STARDOM promotion. She was reported to be leaving STARDOM and headed to the WWE but the new reports indicate that the popular Japanese star will not be joining the WWE because of a neck injury.

Reports indicate that the WWE tested Shirai’s neck a number of months ago. From that testing, it seems that the WWE’s medical saw something that they felt the need to pull the contract of the table. According to Larry Csonka of 411mania, there wasn’t an official word of the WWE pulling the contract because of the injury. However, the contract negotiations stalled once the WWE officials discovered the injury. The WWE pulling the contract shouldn’t come as a suprise. Neck and head injuries have not been taken lightly.

Is Io Shirai better off in STARDOM?

Now that it appears Shirai will remain with STARDOM, is it better off for her to stay in Japan? I would think yes. Of course the WWE is the biggest platform for any wrestler, and Shirai would be able to display her talents on the biggest stage of them all. But, coming to the WWE also means you will be limited in what you can do. We have seen a number of Indie stars join the WWE, but a lot of times it feels like they are held back and aren’t able to do what got them to the big stage.

The depth of talent in the women’s division is another obstacle that could harm Shirai. The like of Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Alexa Bliss all rule to Raw and SmackDown Live’s divisions. That’s not even mentioning the dominant Asuka and other new talent brought in through the Mae Young Classic. The WWE’s women’s division on both brands including NXT will all have a good depth of top women competitors. Shirai could easily get lost in the shuffle.

So, maybe heading back to STARDOM is beneficial for Shirai. If you think so or have another opinion, comment below!

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