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Reina de Reinas New Champion-Lady Shani

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After what turned out to be a chaotic past few months;  for the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship, a new champion has been crowned. Lady Shani became the new champion, after she defeated Ayako Hamada for the vacant title. The match took place at AAA’s Heroes Immortales event, located in Domo San Luis, San Luis Potosí Mexico.

How Lady Shani became champion?

The title has been vacated for a second time this year. This occurred back in September when Sexy Star was stripped of the title. The reasoning of the stripping of the title;  was during a controversial ending of the multi-women match at AAA’s Triplemania event. The champion at that moment was Sexy Star, and she dislocated IMPACT Wrestling’s Rosemary’s shoulder. Sexy Star only held the title for 50 days.

The first time it was stripped was earlier this year. Taya Valkyrie was holding it at that time. She lost the title, when the director of talent Vamprio, asked her to give it back; after she performed an illegal choke slam during her match with Hamada. The match was a No- Disqualifcation match. However, the simpulations of the match did not matter. Valkyrie held the title for 71 days after she defeated Ayako Hamanda; where she gained her second title reign.

This is the Lady Shani’s first title run with the Reina de Reinas Championship Title.

Writer’s Thoughts

Lady Shani should have a good run with the title. Let’s hope she doesn’t jeopardize her reign like everyone else did. What is the future of the AAA? How long will Lady Shani hold the title? How is the title reign is gonna go? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think! We always love hearing your opinions.

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