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Sexy Star Makes First Comments Regarding Rosemary’s Injury

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Sexy Star Makes First Comments after Triplemania Incident

Last weekend, AAA’s Triplemanía made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Sure, the show itself was great. However, the talk of the night came when the women’s match took place between Sexy Star, Rosemary, Lady Shani, and Ayako Hamada. The match was set for Sexy Star to defend her Reina de Reinas championship.

After that, it was all downhill. The end of the match resulted in Rosemary’s injury. Although Sexy Star tried to play off the injury, the truth came out eventually. The wrestler legitimately and intentionally hurt the former TNA Knockout champion. Since then, plenty of people in the business have come forward to speak on the matter.

Unfortunately for Sexy Star, she’s been slowly losing bookings for the past week. For the most part, she has kept quiet. Finally, she gave an interview with Bailadísimo to address the “shoot” on Rosemary. Her responses are in Spanish, and they have been roughly translated into English.

“The truth is that these days have been very, very difficult for me. On Saturday I had a championship fight. It was very hard. I think it all went out of hand. I’m a bit confused on the situation. I want to be silent and when I feel that it is the moment, I will touch the subject.

“People want me to retire. I am still here, as I stated in the beginning, I will not stop representing all those women that have been mistreated. I have to be stronger. I’ve gotten through depression before, and I will again. I was doing what I had to do, what the people deserved, clawing until the end. That’s what happened, I submitted her. It appears the girl is injured, I don’t know, [it] is not something I am aware off. That’s all I can say.”

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