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Stardom Superstar Io Shirai Heading to WWE

Io Shirai


Io Shirai Accepts Offer from WWE

Dave Meltzer has reported that Io Shirai has accepted a generous offer from the WWE.

Currently, Io Shirai is one of the top female talents in Japan. Beginning her career alongside her older sister, Mio Shirai, the young woman has seen undeniable success. Although her sister has since retired and started a family, Io Shirai still has a promising career ahead of her. At only 27 years old, she has already attended the WWE performance center once for a try-out. Although her attendance never grew into anything and the WWE had all but wiped her name off from every record, Shirai will be returning to Orlando.

Right now, Shirai is a larger-than-life talent in the Stardom promotion.  She is currently in her second reign as the World of Stardom champion, and has held many other honors and championships in the past. Tokyo Sports also named Shirai the 2015 and 2016 Wrestler of the Year.

With all of these accomplishments, Stardom is taking yet another heavy hit with this loss. Another top female athlete, Kairi Hojo, recently departed from the company after an offer from the WWE as well. Both Hojo and Shirai had strongly considered staying in Japan, but opted to head to the WWE instead.

Shirai has announced her departure from the Stardom promotion, but there has yet to be an announced start date for her. She is expected to begin at the WWE Performance Center shortly, where she will develop her persona and learn the WWE style.

Since the last round of call-ups, NXT has been seriously lacking talent. With Ember Moon out with an injury, it is uncertain who will be next in line for the belt. Perhaps we’ll see her square off against the NXT Women’s Champion, Asuka, sooner rather than later? Here’s hoping.

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