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Superstars React to ‘Sexy Star’ Purposely Injuring Rosemary at TripleMania

Sexy Star and Rosemary Sabre Blade, via Flickr


Superstars React to ‘Sexy Star’ and Rosemary at TripleMania

Over the weekend, TSJ reported that GFW star, Rosemary, was legitimately hurt during her match against Sexy Star. The match took place at AAA TripleMania XXV. During the match, Sexy Star was set to defend her Reina de Reinas (Queen of Queens) Championship against Rosemary, Lady Shani, and Ayako Hamada.

During the end of the match, however, things turned a little frightening. Sexy Star was applying her armbar submission to Rosemary. Unfortunately, she intentionally hurt the Demon, popping her arm out of socket. The entire situation was said to be a “shoot.” The video has been shared and uploaded numerous times, but if you haven’t seen it, here it is. It has been reported that the cries of Rosemary are very real as she’s in serious pain:


It was also noted that Sexy Star and Lady Shani had been shooting on each other earlier in the match.

Afterwards, the backstage scene was said to be “extremely tense.” Sexy Star left the arena, only to be brought back by Vampiro and forced to apologize to Rosemary. She would then quickly leave once again.

Luckily, the injury is said to be not very serious. Rosemary won’t be missing very much in-ring time.

Since the entire fiasco took place, Sexy Star has tried to play off that the ending to the match was a “work,” meaning it wasn’t real and would only be used to further a feud between the two women. Although Rosemary had kept quiet about the event for most the weekend, she was triggered. She put out a lengthy response, but in short, told fans that Sexy Star was a “complete liar.”

Support for Rosemary

Since the event, the support from other wrestlers has been overwhelming. You can check out some of the responses below:

Send Sexy Star to MY house! @IMPACTWRESTLING

Karen Jarrett (@karenjarrett) August 27, 2017

DISGUSTING is just one word. We put our lives in each other’s hands. So unprofessional. This is how you work yourself out of the business.

Gail Kim-Irvine (@gailkimITSME)

If you deliberately hurt or “shoot” on someone in the ring, someone that is TRUSTING you with their body, you don’t belong in our business.

Allie (@AllieImpact)

is one of the SAFEST, most PROFESSIONAL people I have ever been fortunate enough to share a ring with. <3 you demon queen!

— Madison Rayne (@MadisonRayne)

There are many, many more responses from promoters, ring announcers, and fans alike. However, one specific Tweet from a promotion may very well have blacklisted Sexy Star from the business. And, in my opinion, rightfully so:

Dear fellow wrestling promoters : do you value the safety of your talent? Then now is the time to cancel Sexy Starr bookings from your show.

— EVE: Women Wrestling (@ProWrestlingEVE)

Sexy Star has, in fact, been slowly losing bookings since her actions over the weekend.

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