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Ultimo Dragon Vs Tajiri For AJPW Junior Heavyweight Title

Ultimo dragon both photos to sarwieh410 via Flickr.


Ultimo Dragon

Ultimo Dragon, now 50, is a Japanese professional wrestler and actor. He is credited with popularizing the “Asai Moonsault.”

He holds a record with the most concurrent championships, winning the J-Crown. It is a unification of eight lower weight division titles from various international promotions.

At the time, he already held the NWA World Middleweight Championship. During this reign he also became the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, making him the most decorated wrestler in history.

He briefly worked for World Wrestling Entertainment from 2003 to 2004. But on April 15, 2004, WWE announced that Dragon was released from his WWE contract. That is, he asked for asked for his release from WWE to go back to Japan immediately.

Yoshihiro Tajiri

Yoshihiro, now 46, is also a Japanese professional wrestler. He’s best known for his time in WWE and ECW from 1998 to 2005.

Tajiri returned last year, as part of the Cruiserweight_Classic_Tournament, but ended up parting ways from WWE earlier this year.

He won All Japan Pro Wrestling’s World Junior Heavyweight Championship, ECW World Tag Team Championship and ECW World Television Championship.

And also Big Japan Pro Wrestling’s BJW Junior Heavyweight Championship, and BJW Tag Team Championship.

He is a three-time WCW/WWF Cruiserweight Championship, one time WWF Light Heavyweight Championship, one time WCW United States Championship.

He won WWE Tag Team Championship with Eddie Guerrero, and with William Regal respectively.

Both Dragon and Tajiri are well-known international stars who had successful careers in the United States.

The Challenge…

A few hours ago, Former WCW Television and Cruiserweight Champion Ultimo Dragon challenge Yoshihiro Tajiri.

And it’s for the All Japan Pro Wrestling World Junior Heavyweight Championship on August 27 in Tokyo, Japan at AJPW’s 45th Anniversary Show.

Tajiri just captured the championship from Hikaru Sato a few days ago.

Ultimo_Dragon vs Tajiri (Writer’s View)

This is not the first time The Last Dragon (self-proclaimed, taught by legendary Bruce Lee) and The Japanese Buzzsaw meet.

On October 9th, 2003 on WWE SmackDown, Tajiri defeated Ultimo Dragon to retain the Cruiserweight title. But in 2011, they join forces as tag team, but lost both times while in Canada and Japan Wrestling Promotions.

In a singles match, Dragon never once beat Tajiri, and with more experience, things aren’t looking good for the last dragon.

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