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Yoshihiro Takayama Paralyzed From Spinal Injury

Yoshihiro Takayama Matthew Kaplowitz


Yoshihiro Takayama Paralyzed From Spinal Injury

Reports have come in that Japanese wrestling legend and former MMA fighter Yoshihiro Takayama is paralyzed; an injury which stemmed from an injury suffered in May of this year.

The 50-year old wrestling star suffered the injury after taking a “bad bump”; this happened while performing a sunset flip during a match.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported the situation over the weekend.

He was hospitalized after sustaining the injury; three months later, however, it appears that his condition has worsened. He is able to talk, but other than that, he has no movement from the neck down.

Wrestling fans and personalities from across the globe have expressed concerns and well wishes for the legend. Current WWE Superstar Samoa Joe sent out this tweet upon hearing of Takayama’s condition:


As an MMA star, Takayama touted a 5-4 record; with one of his most impressive fights coming against MMA legend Don Frye. It was a losing effort, but one that was considered one of PRIDE’s most memorable matches.

He is only one of two men to have held three major championships in Japanese wrestling history; the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, All Japan’s Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship, and the GHC Heavyweight Championship.

The other man to have done that was Kensuke Sasaki.

We here at hope that he has a speedy recovery; and will keep you updated when more information becomes available.

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