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Jeff Jarrett Comments on if CM Punk was Asked to Join GFW

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Jeff Jarrett on if CM Punk will be in GFW

CM Punk is arguably one of the greatest superstars to ever set foot in the WWE during the modern era.  His mic skills, personality, and wrestling truly cultivated him to be the “Best in the World.” Unfortunately, CM Punk had many differences with the company he once so loved. Punk stepped away in 2014 following the Royal Rumble. He has not been seen in a wrestling ring since. Instead, Punk chose to follow an MMA career.

Now, in this day and age, there are plenty of places that Punk could wrestle. Although he isn’t on good terms with the WWE, there are plenty of options. No matter where he would go, fans would go crazy just to see it. That being said, Jeff Jarrett has acquired Impact once again. Impact merged with Global Force Wrestling. Since the merge, Impact changed their name, opting to stick with GFW. With Jarrett in control, the company is in better hands than it was. Jarrett is a prime reason Impact existed at all.

In a recent media conference, Jeff Jarrett was asked if Global Force Wrestling has reached out to CM Punk. Jeff Jarrett’s reply was honest. He praised the former WWE champion:

“No, CM Punk, to my knowledge, no conversations that I’ve certainly had,” Jarrett said. But also it’s my understanding he’s signed to a UFC situation and that’s where his energy is heading. Unbelievable talent. And I’ve said it when it first came out, hats off to the guy to step into that Octagon. Win, lose or draw, he’s a winner in my book for chasing his dreams.”

What’s Next for CM Punk?

CM Punk is in a multi-fight deal with UFC right now. He hasn’t stepped foot in the octagon since his professional debut. Punk lost quickly to Mickey Gall at UFC 203 last September. With the defeat, speculation began that he would make a return to wrestling. After all, the loss was a tough one for him to swallow.

CM Punk will tell anyone that he doesn’t miss wrestling at all. His court case with WWE doctor Chris Amann still has not concluded. He has been very vocal about the doctors misdiagnosing him in the past. Unfortunately, Punk is up against a giant.

CM Punk also admits that he doesn’t watch the product anymore. But, given his circumstances, who can blame him?

Punk hasn’t spoken to Dana White in a few months. He’d like to fight again, but nothing has been set. He has plenty of willing opponents, but so far, no dice. In the meantime, he certainly won’t be returning to wrestling. Within the next couple of months, we will see what’s next for Phil “CM Punk” Brooks.

Would you like to see CM Punk back in the WWE? Or, is his ego too big for the room? Do you think he would he be better suited for a smaller company? Should he try another run with the UFC?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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