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Former WWE Creative Writer Reveals Scrapped AJ Lee/Dean Ambrose Story



Kevin Eck Reveals Scrapped Idea for an Ambrose/AJ Angle

Kevin Eck was a former creative team member for WWE. During this time, he was responsible for pitching new, fresh ideas to management in hopes of creating storylines for our beloved superstars. Though Eck no longer works for the WWE, he has been keeping busy writing for PressBox.

In AJ Brooks (Lee)’s newly published autobiography, she credits Eck with being the brains behind her pairing with former WWE superstar, Daniel Bryan. This unlikely duo was one of the greatest storylines of the time.

Eck acknowledged the endearment by AJ. In response, he recently wrote about some of the storylines he had pitched but hadn’t succeeded. Although there are quite a few, perhaps the most interesting is the scrapped storyline to get the Lunatic Fringe to the main roster. And what better way to do it than with WWE’s residential “crazy chick?”

At the time, the AJ/Daniel Bryan storyline had momentum, catching the main event quickly. Soon enough, they’d have to go their separate ways. In Eck’s plan, AJ Lee would leave Bryan at the altar after finding out he planned on having her committed to a mental institution.

Meanwhile, the creative team had also been trying to get Dean Ambrose from the developmental brand.

Kevin Eck’s original plan was to have Daniel Bryan successfully commit AJ Lee to a mental facility. There, she would meet Dean Ambrose. They would both be patients at the same hospital, striking up a romance. When AJ would eventually return on-screen, she would bring her new boyfriend with her.

According to Eck, the pair would wreak havoc on the roster. AJ and Ambrose would have been much like WWE’s own version of Bonnie and Clyde.

Then, the Chairman Chimes in:

Vince McMahon, however, decided that this wasn’t the right route. McMahon loved the AJ character. He wanted to make her the new RAW general manager instead. This stint of authority would only go on for about three months. While AJ as the GM didn’t go so well, she would go on and shatter the “glass ceiling” for the divas division.

What do you think? Would this storyline have been successful? Is it a decent transition to introduce the Lunatic? Given the excellent talent of those two, it seems crazy enough to have worked. On the other hand, the Shield may never have existed.

If you’re interested in reading more “could-have-beens,” Eck’s whole list of ditched plans can be found here.

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