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Kevin Von Erich Coming Back for One More Match

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Kevin Von Erich Coming Back for One More Match

Anyone who loves classic wrestling knows that the Von Erich name was as synonymous with professional wrestling as the headlock or the elbow drop. So, it comes as a welcomed surprise that WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Von Erich announced recently that we would be coming out of retirement for one more match.

In an interview with YNet, Von Erich stated that he would be coming out of retirement for a match with his sons. The match set to take place in Israel. Since retiring in 1995, Von Erich has made special appearances over time. He never specified an exact date for his ring return, but stated that it would take place in the holy land.

The Hall of Famer spent the better part of a decade in the wrestling business, wowing fans across arenas in the US. In speaking about his experiences with the wrestling business, he said:

“I first came in 1985…and I just loved it here. The people were so warm. I just lost a brother a few months before that and maybe it was that that had an impact on me, I wanted my sons to see it so much that I…I think I just decide to do what I can to have one more match.”

Religion played a role in his decision.

 A devout Christian, Von Erich cited his faith as a reason for his choice for having his return in Israel, rather than in bigger markets such as Japan, New York or Europe. He added:
“I’ve turned down New York, I’ve turned down Tokyo and I’m not going to wrestle again. I love Israel. I’m a Christian. I love Jesus and my sons are the same way and this is the holy land”
The son of wrestling legend Fritz Von Erich, he is the last surviving son, whose brothers David, Kerry, Mike and Chris all passed away tragically; the eldest Jack, who passed away in 1959.
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