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Mauro Ranallo Reveals New Role as NXT Commentator

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Mauro Ranallo: New NXT Commentator

This past winter, beloved announcer for the blue brand Mauro Ranallo stepped away from the WWE. Unfortunately, he cited severe depression as one of the reasons he could not fulfill his job duties. This also went hand in hand with his partner, former WWE champion and current announcer, John “Bradshaw” Layfield. JBL has been the subject of bullying headlines since Ranallo’s departure.

Though unconfirmed, JBL’s consistent bullying of the newer announce team member worsened his condition, ultimately leading to an ugly break from the company.

However, Ranallo has announced that he and the WWE have negotiated a fair deal. He will be the new announcer for the developmental brand, NXT.

Ranallo was originally brought in to the WWE based on his MMA experience. Ranallo made waves in the WWE community when he became the commentator for Smackdown Live. Coupled with Smackdown’s now “live” tag, ratings for Tuesday’s show jumped. Mauro Ranollo has since made his return at a live NXT show.

Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio had a little to say about Ranallo’s return:

“He’s on a show that most of the people that run WWE production don’t go to. So that’s kind of the key right there. So he’s in a different world, working the Orlando shows and the TakeOvers and not the high pressure shows, so to speak. And it’s a lot of tapings during the middle of the week.”

Meltzer also added that the WWE was worried that Mauro would mention what was going on backstage with JBL, which would wreck the image of the company. His abrupt departure has led to plenty of social media speculation already. Additionally, Meltzer confirms, that Mauro is really good at his job.

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