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Rumor: Paige and Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Break Up

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Paige and Alberto Del Rio: Splitsville?

Yikes. It’s been awhile since these two have made headlines. And while normally it’s because ADR is saying something he shouldn’t, this time, it’s much more interesting. The internet has exploded, with forums on fire claiming that Paige and Alberto Del Rio (finally) broke up.

Last year, we saw Paige get down on one knee and formally propose to Alberto in the middle of the ring. He agreed, and the two have been making us all ill with their sickly sweet odes to one another on Instagram. Of course, at the time, he was technically still married. And she was in the middle of recouping from a neck injury. Paige and Del Rio have not committed to a wedding date.

That being said, reported today that the duo broke up following a disagreement. The pair have been posting photos from their vacation in Orlando this weekend. The couple appears happy and smiling in their social media posts. The argument was heated, and a close friend of the couple confirmed that the pair have broken up.

Now, things are never as clear as they seem. Paige took to her Twitter account today to address the rumor. The tweet is extremely cryptic, and also doesn’t deny or confirm the rumor:



So, what’s the deal? Paige and Del Rio breaking up could actually be great for her. The WWE has been shying away from the former champion. In fact, her connection to ADR has earned her loads of cut scenes from Total Divas. Without ADR, a Paige return is likely.


Stay tuned for any more information regarding the split between the two.


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