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Preview: Who is the Favorite to Win Money in the Bank 2017?

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Who is the Favorite to Win Money in the Bank 2017?

The Money in the Bank (MITB) pay-per-view is only a few days away. Speculation has been swirling already for months about the potential winner of the traditional briefcase. The briefcase holder will also receive a contract which guarantees a title shot at any time, any place.

However, this year, history will be made. The WWE has added a women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. For the first time ever, six women will be scratching and clawing for the opportunity to go after the Smackdown Live champion.

That being said, here’s a quick look into the potential winners and favorites to win:

MITB: Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Dolph Ziggler

It’s no secret that the WWE has been aiming for Baron Corbin to win for awhile now. The Wrestling Observer has been writing for months regarding the Lone Wolf’s journey to stardom. He has been geared towards the main event for quite awhile now. Therefore, it really is not any surprise that the WWE will give him the briefcase.

On the other hand, Shinsuke Nakamura hasn’t done a whole lot since the jump to the main roster. Though unlikely, seeing him capture the briefcase would cement him as a true competitor. Sure, those who have watched NXT know exactly what the King of Strong Style is capable of. Sadly, casual fans might not feel the same. But, because Nakamura is such an excellent worker, it isn’t necessary for him to get the briefcase. He will remain relevant just as well. Same goes for Owens and Styles.

Unfortunately, Sami Zayn is well-deserving also. Zayn has not had any notable wins to this day, even after moving from Raw to Smackdown Live. Is it possible that he needs to switch his gimmick? In my opinion, Zayn is walked all over creatively. Similar to Nakamura, he is a fantastic worker. But, Zayn hasn’t gotten much opportunity to be a champion. That being said, I’m willing to guess that the WWE will go ahead and pit Zayn against Nakamura for awhile, especially because they work so well together. Additionally, the creative team could add Kevin Owens into their feud, ultimately losing his championship belt to one or the other.

Dolph Ziggler doesn’t seem to be doing much as of late. He gets other people over, and has no momentum right now. To me, the chances of him winning the match is equal to the chance that he marries Nikki Bella.

Booking for Dummies

So, how should this be booked? Easy. Jinder Mahal should retain the belt during the pay-per-view. That way, John Cena can win on the July 4th episode of Smackdown Live, gaining his 17th world title win. But, enter Baron Corbin to cash in on Mr. America! What an episode that would be. If the WWE is concerned about their ratings, using Cena against Mahal would fluff them up. Adding Corbin into the mix might help, and certainly cause shock.  Defeating Cena would be a quick way for fans to take the Lone Wolf seriously.

Mrs. MITB: Carmella, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Charlotte, and Tamina:

Betting odds reveal that Carmella is the winning candidate for the women’s MITB briefcase. Maybe it’s the power of James Ellsworth. Although her win isn’t a certainty, seeing Carmella capture any title for the first time in her career would be fabulous (yeah, pun intended).

However, once again, everyone in the match definitely deserves that contract. Natalya is easily one of the best workers in the women’s division. Her segments on Total Divas show her working with many new women. She has put in tons of work, helping everyone on their own journeys through the WWE. Unfortunately, her good deeds don’t seem to be doing her any favors.

Putting Charlotte Flair as the winner works well, too. She’s been on fire ever since coming to the main roster. While Alexa Bliss has captured both Smackdown and Raw‘s championship belts, Charlotte has so far come up short. But, putting her in the same category of Bliss would be interesting if the two should ever face off.

Becky Lynch is another question mark, though. She might need a heel turn before she is even in contention for a title again.

Tamina would be an excellent candidate, in my opinion. The WWE had started an inkling of a title shot a million years ago for her. When she was dubbed AJ Lee’s bodyguard, they hinted at a possible heel turn for Tamina. However, Tamina would not get the opportunity following a horrible knee injury. Shortly after, AJ Lee retired from in-ring performances.

Booking for Dummies

If Carmella emerges victorious, she needs to drop Ellsworth…at least at some point. Maybe she can say she used him this whole time to get her to the top. She could “dump” the Chinless Wonder right after cashing in, if need be. Ellsworth has run his course as her sidekick. Carmella is a decent heel as it is, but this move would be a game-changer for the Princess of Staten Island.

An odd but possible choice would be to turn James Ellsworth heel, screwing Carmella out of the briefcase. But, he doesn’t seem to have good enough chemistry with any of the other women.

One potential game-changer is a Nikki Bella return. With John Cena set to return to action on July 4th, Nikki Bella may be right behind her man. It doesn’t seem right to have such a monumental moment in women’s history without the longest-reigning divas champion. Sadly, this doesn’t really fit in to the match.

Naomi is defending her title this Sunday against Lana. Lana made her return to the ring recently. Since Lana is pitted as the new Eva Marie, will she even wrestle at all? Of course, if she does, Naomi will out-perform the Ravishing Russian. A long, drawn-out bout between Naomi and Lana would be the best option here. Or Nikki. No matter who the WWE writers go to, ultimately, Carmella will be the champion in that instance.

Betting Odds….

If you’re the betting type, here are the following odds for the pay-per-view:

WWE Women’s Money in the Bank Match

Carmella -145

Becky Lynch +350

Natalya +365

Charlotte Flair +950

Tamina +2800

WWE Money in the Bank Match

Baron Corbin -190

Sami Zayn +650

Kevin Owens +650

AJ Styles +750

Shinsuke Nakamura +450

Dolph Ziggler +1500

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