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Rey Mysterio Will Not Return To WWE.

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Rey_Mysterio (Spanish for King Mystery), real name Óscar Gutiérrez, is now 42 and currently signed to Lucha_Underground. He has a tattoo with the initials EG for his best friend and fellow wrestler, Eddie Guerrero, who died in 2005.

He is best known for his long tenure in WWE from July 2002 to February 2015. He is also known for his work in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), AAA, and World Championship Wrestling(WCW).

He was trained by his uncle Rey Misterio, Sr., learning the high-flying Lucha-Libre style that has been his trademark.

Mysterio, subsequently dropped the last letter “junior” from his name when he began working for WWE in July 2002.

Last Seen on WWE Program,

Mysterio wrestles his last WWE match back in April 2014, and internet reports:

“WWE extend his contract without his approval.”

But later he clarifies the rumors:

“My contract was coming to an end,” said Mysterio.

“I had been on the grind for so long, and even I was out for a long period of time due to surgery, I was constantly rehabbing. I never had the time to participate in my kids’ lives or be around my wife. So I really thought about it – I could be working until I’m 43, 44, or 45 years old, and keep on making money, but where is that going to leave me? I’ve already done well for myself, so I really needed a break. I wasn’t getting any younger, and my kids weren’t getting any younger. I weighed my options, and leaving WWE was a decision my wife and I made together.”

He also said that he didnt leave WWE on bad terms.

Rey_Mysterio Explained:

“I left on good terms with WWE, so I don’t want to say never. They treated me very well, and I’m nothing but thankful with that WWE company for letting him to be him, and be recognized worldwide. If the opportunity comes about in the future, and there is interest from both parties, then why not?”

His accomplishments in WWE and WCW

In WCW, he won WCW World Tag Team ChampionshipWCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship once with Billy_Kidman as part of The_Filthy_Animals.

In WWE, he is a three-time WWE_Heavyweight_Champion, four times WWE_Tag_Team_Championship, and two times WWE_Intercontinental_Championship. He holds a record eight Cruiserweight Championships (five in WCW, three in WWE), and was 2006 Royal Rumble winner.

A total of 21 titles between WWE and WCW, and he was the 21st person to complete the WWE Triple Crown.

Interest in WWE 205Live!

During an interview with Title Match Wrestling in December 2016, Mysterio was asked about WWE’s Cruiserweight show 205 Live.

He says the division’s new show “is a blessing from day one”.

He adds:

“You never say never. But I am very, very comfortable in the position I’m in with Lucha Underground. I love their schedule, I love their style, I love what they have to offer. I don’t think there will ever be another company that has what Lucha Underground has. It’s very unique, exciting, and fresh—this is really something new.”

Tug of War!

Both WWE and Anthem’s GFW initially showed heavy interest in bringing the former Lucha_Underground star Mysterio back.

WWE plans to serve Mysterio as an ambassador to their Latin-American market, and a big boost to their #205Live.

For GFW, He can instantly become the company’s biggest star. As well as a fresh face, and could even replace the combustible Alberto_El_Patron on the payroll.

Rey_Mysterio won’t be back in WWE

It had been previously reported that the WWE and Mysterio were in negotiations for him to make his return to the company.

But sadly, according to Sports Illustrated, those talks have ceased, and Mysterio will not be returning anytime soon.

The reason…

Vince McMahon has no interest in working with Konnan, who serve as his greatest advocate and friend in the business, represents Mysterio.

Why Vince Hates Konnan?

“The rift between Konnan and McMahon dates back decades to when WWE invested thousands of dollars into the Max Moon character for Konnan, before he ultimately made the decision to continue main-eventing in Mexico. He was recently “welcome” backstage at a WWE event by Chris Jericho, but his appearance did not help mend any of the issues that exist between him and the WWE office.”

GFW gain, and WWE Loss

Mysterio will now sign with GFW, though he will want to retain control of third-party-bookings, and to dictate his own schedule. But the positives far outweigh the negatives for a ReyRey-GFW pairing.

Writer’s View

He can be a great help to 205Live (a struggling cruiserweight_show).

Unlike GFW’s X_Division, WWE Cruiserweight division is struggling to bring interest to their show. WWE should put 205Live in Raw’s super-long 3 hours show, but they decided not to which is a mistake.

And letting Mysterio sign with a lighter schedule, WWE can create new storylines and matches. Like “King of Cruiserweight” Neville vs “King of Lucha” Mysterio for the Championship Belt at SummerSlam.

But for now, I wish Mysterio the best of luck in GFW Impact_Wrestling. And maybe one day, we will see the #619 back in WWE, for one-last-match before entering WWE Hall Of Fame.

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