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Bully Ray Talks Retirement from In-Ring Action

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On September 22nd at the Ring of Honor pay-per-view “Death Before Dishonor XV;” Bully Ray(Bubba Ray Dudley) suffered a concussion during his match. The match was a six-man tag title match, with The Briscoes verses The Bullet Club.

Bully Ray spent a night in the emergency room, but after the night in the ER; the legend still talked about the after effects from the injury a week later. He has been questioning his future as in-ring performer.

Future of Bully Ray

Some promos over the past few weeks, showed a different outlook on things. Few nights at ROH and New Japan’s Global Wars tour was just an indication to what is the future of the legend himself.

At a event in Pittsburgh on Friday October 13th;  Bully Ray came out prior to the intermission of the show. This has been the second straight night to give a speech. However, it seems a lot like a farewell speech.

Live reports stated that he told the Wrestling Universe; that ROH said; he didn’t need to appear on the show, but that is not how Bully Ray wanted it. Performing in the city, always meant something to him; and regardless what company he was working with all the time. This was part of his dream and passion, to be interactive with the fans.

Reasons for Speech

The legend wanted to make contact and that allowed the fans, to know how much he appreciated them. The support they gave to them for his career. Bully Ray is not sure if he will ever be back, but wanted to say his goodbyes in person.

Writer’s Thoughts

Retirement for all legends can be tough. Legends will never be forgotten. I don’t know what the future will be for the former WWE performer, but he seems to still have a bright future. What is the future for Bully Ray? Will he really retire? What do you think his future is? Feel free to comment below, and let us know what you think.

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Bully Ray announced his retirement at the conclusion of his match; which happened on Saturday night, at Global Wars. We here at TSJ wish him the best.