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Last-Minute Rumors for MITB 2017: Maria and Mike Bennett, Women’s Briefcase, Rusev

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Last-Minute Rumors for MITB: Maria and Mike Bennett to Debut?

With the Money-in-the-Bank (MITB) pay-per-view literally hours away, the rumor mill has been swirling once again. Predictions for winners have been running rampant on every dirt sheet out there.

However, a new rumor has come to fruition. A few months back, former Ring of Honor star Mike Bennett and his wife, Maria, signed an exclusive deal with the WWE. The pair are set to debut anytime now. Apparently, they will be working with the crew backstage at the MITB pay-per-view this weekend. It is unclear where the duo might fit into the current storylines, however.

If the pair does not make their debut at the show this Sunday, they are said to return to the ring on this Tuesday’s episode of Smackdown.

WWE Adding a Sixth Participant to the Women’s MITB Match?

The WWE official Twitter account posted a tweet proclaiming that six women would be vying for the briefcase this weekend. Of course, there are only five participants in that match.  Was the tweet an error? Perhaps. The social media team has let information slip in the past, though. The WWE fans may be in for a shock.

That being said, if there is another woman added, who should it be? Could we see a debut from someone coming up from NXT? Sadly, the options are not very plentiful.

Since Asuka is engaged in a heavy storyline with Nikki Cross, calling either up makes no sense. So, Billie Kay or Peyton Royce would be interesting to involve. Or, both members of the Iconic Duo; after all, they could just share the briefcase. Liv Morgan is another decent option.

Otherwise, if the WWE can pull it off, inserting a return would be a fantastic twist in this story. Personally, I think Nikki Bella should be in this historic match. Or, perhaps Paige was traded to Smackdown Live. Otherwise, Summer Rae has been missing from action for far too long.

Just throwing this out there, but Eva Marie and the WWE have not yet officially cut ties. A Red Queen return is entirely possible. Before she left, she had nuclear heat from the WWE Universe. On the flip side, with Lana’s new gimmick, Eva Marie’s return to the company at all is very grim.

Rusev Cleared to Return

Yes, the Bulgarian Brute is ready to go. So, it would make perfect sense for him to interfere in the Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton title match. That way, Mahal is still the champion, but remains so in a way that nobody likes. The two can go on to feud for a couple of weeks, taking Orton out of the title picture altogether. This also gives the green light for John Cena to become champion on July 4th.

With the mess they’ve made creatively, hopefully the WWE can pull some miracles out tonight.

Who do you think should win the first ever women’s briefcase? Who would you like added to the match? Are you looking forward to the Bennett debut? And, should Rusev return to feud with Jinder? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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