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WhatCulture Pro Wrestling’s Adam Blampied Accused of Sexual Harassment

Blampied Accused

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Adam Blampied of WhatCulture Accused of Sexual Harassment

Earlier this week, Adam Blampied was accused of sexual harassment on social media. Blampied is a former General Manager of WhatCulture Pro Wrestling. However, you may recognize him from his assortment of YouTube videos.

Apparently, the messages were sent privately over Twitter. That being said, a user on Twitter named Ice Foreleg (@SRbackwards) called Blampied out very publicly. In one Tweet, she says that he’s a “manipulative sexual predator.” She had plenty more things to say about him as well. In fact, according to her other posts, Adam asked some other women for nude photos. He also belittles another woman for flirting with someone else. Ice also says he’s harassed at least 4 other ladies.

Adam Blampied is a manipulative sexual predator.

She also claims that he apologized to her multiple times. However, he still continued to do the same thing to others:

Adam Blampied Issues an Apology

In a recent update, Adam Blampied issued the following statement:

“I want to publicly apologize for actions in my private life over the past few years. I’ve falsely claimed to several women via social media that I was in an open relationship with my girlfriend. That was used as a means to repeatedly message them and encourage them to send me images of themselves.

Although I didn’t make threats or offer perks in exchange, I exploited my growing public position, and my friendships with these women, all to fuel my ego. By manipulating them in this manner, and acting completely inconsiderately of their feelings as I asked for these pictures, I have violated their trust and my girlfriend’s trust…

During my time away from YouTube I will be focusing on getting professional help. [I will be] coming to terms with the choices I made and the relationships I’ve broken. Thank you for reading this. To everyone I’ve hurt, and to the many more that I’ve now disappointed, I’m so sorry. I promise that I will learn from this and, even though it does not at all excuse what I’ve done, I will be better.”