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Adult Film Star Lexi Belle wants to Join WWE

Lexi Belle flickr/michael dorausch


The WWE, for many years, has been PG programming. However, that might change when they receive a resume from a well-known star from X-rated entertainment. It will be from none other than adult film star, Lexi Belle.

Who is Lexi Belle?

Belle is 30 years old from Independence, California. She also happens to be one of the most successful women in the industry, having won 8 AVN awards. She started working in 2006. Belle recently posted on Instagram that she wants to become a WWE Superstar.

How will WWE react?

The reaction to WWE might different. If Lexi Belle follows through and submits an application, there really is no telling if the company would allow it. For both male and female wrestlers, Vince McMahon and company have made effort to eliminate sexualization from their programming.

Although, hiring an adult film actress would certainly push the Women’s Revolution. Thanks to superstars like Charlotte Flair, The Bella Twins, and Sasha Banks; the wrestling ability and character development has raw talent on the list of priorities for the women in the world of wrestling.

Did you know?

Chyna, one of WWE’s finest women’s wrestlers, was rejected from the WWE Hall of Fame. The reason was due to her career in pornography after her time in the company. The WWE used to be proud of themselves when they would allow their women into the likes of Playboy. Now, that’s in a distant past.

If Belle does try applying for the company, Vince McMahon and company will have to decide between protecting women’s rights and chasing their dreams. And, most of all, protecting the image of the company.

What are you thoughts on Lexi Belle? Do you think the WWE will allow her in? Will the WWE allow Chyna be part of the WWE Hall of Fame, if Belle does get in? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think!

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