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AJ Styles Comments on if the Club Could Face the Shield

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AJ Styles and the Club Could Face the Shield

The Phenomenal Superstar, AJ Styles, has skyrocketed to the top of the company. Since his debut at the Royal Rumble in 2016, he’s seen great success with the WWE. However, before joining Vince McMahon’s promotion, AJ Styles was wrestling with New Japan Pro Wrestling, and was a popular member of the well-known stable, the Bullet Club.

Interestingly enough, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were also in the Bullet Club, and were picked up by the WWE shortly after AJ. From there, Gallows and Anderson flanked AJ’s sides often, making themselves a mainstay in many of AJ’s matches. Of course, the three were fantastic together. And, since they all have worked together in the past, had good chemistry. They called themselves “The Club.”

Unfortunately, the Club was broken up after Styles was drafted to Smackdown and Gallows and Anderson remained on Raw.

However, a reunion isn’t totally out of the question. One of the most talked-about reunions as of late was that of the popular trio of the Shield. Finally, fans are seeing one of the greatest stables that WWE ever produced get reformed. Because it’s been such a hot commodity, it came up in a recent interview between AJ Styles and Planeta Wrestling.

During the interview, Styles was asked if he would have interest in joining with Gallows and Anderson again to take on the Shield. Styles admitted that he would absolutely love to.

“Absolutely. I think that if Gallows and Anderson and I got together, we would dominate just like we’ve done before. There’s no doubt about it,” Styles said (H/T to WrestlingInc for the transcription).

The Club Aren’t the Only Ones AJ Would Work With

AJ also commented on the possibility of pairing off with Shane McMahon for Survivor Series against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn:

“Shane and I have got a lot of respect for each other especially after WrestleMania, and the guy’s a stud, so you’ve got to respect that about him. I’ve never really liked Kevin Owens and now that Sami Zayn has joined his crew, it doesn’t make me like Sami Zayn anymore. So you never know, it may happen.”

Would you guys like to see Sami and Kevin take on AJ and Shane? Or, would you prefer to see the Club step into the ring with the newly reformed Shield? Let us know your take on the possibilities in the comments below!

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