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Alexa Bliss Reveals Why Her Hair is Pink

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Alexa Bliss on why her hair is pink

Alexa Bliss, the current Raw, Women’s Champion, had a recent interview with Channel Guide’s Scott Fishman. During the interview, they discussed various topics, including the current feud with Mickie James over the Women’s title. She will defend the Raw Women’s Championship against James at the brand’s next pay-per-view. That pay-per-view, TLC, will be in Minneapolis on October 22nd.  The also talked about her new role in the reality TV series Total Divas. However, the conversation eventually flipped to Alexa’s hair.

Why does Alexa Bliss have pink hair?

The conversation regards to Alexa’s pink hair color. She says it’s for the part of Susan G. Komen’s breast cancer campaign. Alexa states that she believes it represents strength. She reveals that many people think the color pink as “girly.” But the goddess herself doesn’t believe that. To the champion, it stands for boldness and strength.

The current champ also claims that the pink hair helps her to stand out from the other female superstars. She believes it helps her to be self-supporting.

Pink for Susan G. Komen

Alexa Bliss chose pink to show her support for the all the breast cancer patients and survivors 24/7. Bliss feels like it helps her connect with the ones that are battling and fighting against breast cancer.  It’s labeling all the ladies who fought and won the battle of cancer bold and independent.

Bliss said that all the ladies who have been able to survive breast cancer are some of the most inspiring and amazing people she has ever met.

Total Divas Future

After the talk about the pink hair, Total Divas came up. But what does Alexa Bliss think about it? She stated that the show will be a completely new platform with a new audience. It will be an awesome opportunity for her. Bliss mentions that this will be the next step in her career. She hopes Total Divas might actually help WWE attract more fans to tune into their product. Alexa Bliss, along with female superstars Nia Jax and Carmella, were added to the cast of the show for the seventh season. Alexa, Nia, and Carmella joined the mix to replace Paige, Eva Marie and Renee Young. The new season will premiere on November 1st, 2017, on E!.

Writer’s Thoughts

Alexa Bliss has always been my one of favorites. And now that I know the reason behind her pink hair, it only makes me love her even more. Bliss and the others joining the cast of Total Divas will help the ratings. Changes will dominate.

What do you think of Alexa Bliss and her pink hair? What do you think the future of Total Divas is? Will you watch the new season? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think!

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