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Rumor: Triple H Adding Another Title to NXT Soon?




NXT, founded by Triple H, primary purpose is to serve as a developmental division for WWE. But between the popularity and over 200 shows per year, it becomes a third brand; complementing Raw and SmackDown.

In 2015, it held its first TakeOver show outside of Full Sail, with NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn at the Barclays Center.

Growing Popularity

Ever since the brand caught fire with wrestling fans, the NXT championship belt has been one of the most prestigious titles.

Several great performers have held the belt and used it as a launching pad to super-stardom. The NXT tag team division has been regarded as one of the most exciting in WWE.

Additionally, the NXT Women’s Championship is one of the most coveted titles in all of professional wrestling.

Another Title to be added…

One of the brand’s greatest strengths is their longer title reigns, making title changes huge moments for fans to enjoy. However, officials believe a little bit of change is necessary, so they may be adding NXT’s first mid-card championship very soon.

There has been rumor for a mid-card championship in NXT for a while. And from arguments within, that a title in the mid-card would give an additional spotlight to others on the roster.

For example, officials are giving Roderick Strong a bigger push. Kassius Ohno vs. Hideo Itami, and Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano are each considered huge feuds. By adding a mid-card championship, it could add more fuel to the fire or direction for any of those performers.

Guys like Tye Dillinger and Tyler Breeze have gone up to the main roster without winning the big one. Therefore, when they make it to the main roster, they are often times thought of as “mid-level NXT guys.”

It’s a good structure because not everyone can be a title holder. But there is more than enough depth on the roster to support a mid-card championship belt.

NXT Mid-card Title Belt’s Name?

Will it be known as the NXT Television Championship, or something similar? So far, it’s not known. The name of a new championship always takes some time getting to familiar with, but could be great for the brand.

Writer’s Suggestion

In my previous article, I was rooting for women’s tag-team championship belts, which is also needed in WWE women’s division. Especially because there is only one title for women to go after, and there is not mid-card nor tag team belts to go after. That way, mid-card women stars can have something to fight for, rather than wasting their talents with silly skits.

So is adding another title to the already abundant titles in men’s division a necessary? My answer is YES! But perhaps not a new title, as they already have both the United Kingdom championship and cruiserweight championship.

The UK championship is already defended on NXT Programming, so why not just add that title for the mid-card guys to go after, like the Intercontinental championship and US championship.

Any suggestions? You are always welcome to share your thoughts with us…

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