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Apollo Crews Undergoes Name Change

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Apollo Crews Undergoes Name Change

With the United States still feeling the effects of the latest school shooting, changes are coming from everywhere. Even WWE is different after what occurred. In fact, WWE Superstar Apollo Crews will now go by a different name.

Now, Crews will only go by the name “Apollo”. This is because Crews is too similar to the name of the Parkland, Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz. WWE made this change official on their website this week.

Apollo isn’t the first superstar to only go by his first name. Notable one-name wrestlers include Elias, Neville, Big E, and Cesaro. But obviously, the circumstances for this name change are different from any other.

This change most likely won’t affect Apollo’s character in the slightest. This was made to avoid any connection to the tragedy in Parkland, Florida.


While I don’t think that anyone would associate Apollo with the Parkland shooter, I understand why WWE decided to do this. WWE wants to avoid any connection to this tragedy. This will certainly accomplish that.

Apollo has been getting relatively consistent TV time with Titus O’Neil and Dana Brooke as part of Titus Worldwide. Like previously mentioned, this change won’t affect any storylines Titus Worldwide is in. If anything, changing Apollo’s name will put a bit more of a spotlight on him and the rest of Titus Worldwide.

This also seems like WWE’s tribute to the tragedy that occurred in Parkland. By removing Crews from Apollo’s name, it removes the shooter’s last name from the company. By doing this, WWE could be honoring and mourning the victims of the shooting. The victim’s of the tragedy in Parkland will never be forgotten.

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