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Asuka Main Roster Debut

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The Undefeated longest reigning NXT Women’s Champion in history; looks to be headed to Monday Night Raw for her debut, after she recovers from her broken collarbone injury. For those fans that don’t keep up with NXT, and don’t know this debut can be. It’s Asuka!

When is Asuka Debut?

As have been noted through reports on Twitter by Pro Wrestling Sheets James McKenna says “She should make her first main roster appearance at Raw’s TLC Pay-per-view in October. Asuka has already appeared on a few select main roster live shows. However, she was still considered NXT Talent. She will be out of action for 6-8 weeks due to the injury, and will be at TLC October 22nd. Could this be fake? I have just looked and William Regal has begun negotiations for her to move up; and with her relinquishing her title to NXT General Manager William Regal, after having it for a record breaking of 510 days. All things considered, this may give the current Raw Women Wrestlers a little scared feeling. How do you think they are feeling?

Writer’s Thoughts

Asuka on the main roster of Raw? That’s gonna put the Women’s Division on stand by. All the current superstars for the female divison will have a run for their money. Asuka will be the one to run with Women’s revolution. She’s super athletic, and is currently undeafted at the streak of 197-0. I hope when she debuts, she gets a way better push then some of the superstars that debut. It seems like once you get a push for awhile, you turn is done; you get put on the burner. Everyone enjoys an a chance to be part of the revoultion. Do you like Asuka? Will her debut will be a hit? What are your thoughts on her? Please leave any comments below, and let us know what you think.

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