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Asuka the next Raw’s Women Champion at Wrestlemania 34

Could Asuka climb to the top of the Women's division on Raw at Mania 34? DallasMavsboy Taz Tevi, via Flickr


The WWE has many surprises for its fans. In the fall of 2015; we were introduced to the Japanese wrestler Asuka.

Who is Asuka?

Kanako Urai is a 36-year-old Japanese professional wrestler from Osaka, Japan. We all know her by the name of Asuka or “The Empress of Tomorrow”. Askua started in the Japanese independent circuit from 2010-2015; and then she became part of the American Independent circuit as well, from 2011-2014. Her debut for the WWE, on the NXT brand in 2015;  was where she became the longest reigning undefeated NXT Women Champion in WWE history for 510 Days. She relinquished her title back in August, due to an injury. However, it was to get her prepared for her main roster debut. On October 22nd at Raw’s pay-per-view, TLC(Tables, Ladders, Chairs) she made her main roster debut.

Asuka’s Future

What is her future? After debuting on the main roster she is still undefeated. The Empress of Tomorrow had a few quick victories over Emma; and also became the sole survivor for the Raw’s Women’s Elimination Match at Survivor Series; giving Raw a victory.  Asuka will be pushed towards the championship run for the Raw’s Women’s Championship. There isn’t a set date for when, this will happen, but Wrestlemania 34 is a possibility! As Wrestlemania approaches, we will see how many times the title changes hands; rather it will be Alexa Bliss or somebody new. We will have to sit back and wait. Who is gonna keep the title warm, till Asuka can gain her crown again?  What is her future? Do you think Asuka deserves a championship run? Who do you think her opponent will be? Who you think will finally defeat her streak? Feel free to comment below and let us know your opinions.

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