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Asuka Sidelined With Injury

Asuka, longest reigning champion in modern WWE history Sabre Blade, via Flickr


Asuka Sidelined With Injury

WWE NXT Women’s Champion Asuka continued her history-making undefeated streak this weekend; she defeated Ember Moon to retain her championship at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III. However, retaining her title isn’t the only thing that happened to “The Empress of Tomorrow”.

Following her match, it was discovered that she had suffered a broken collarbone; an injury that usually has a time frame of up to two months to heal. The WWE sent out a release on the situation on their site, stating:

“Due to the injury, The Empress of Tomorrow is not medically cleared to compete, and no official timetable has been given for her return. The typical recovery time for a broken collarbone is 6-8 weeks, according to ringside physician Dr. Jeffrey Westerfield, who tended to Asuka in Brooklyn.

“During the match, she landed awkwardly from a throw from Ember Moon and was able to complete the match, but had notable pain and discomfort,” Dr. Westerfield said. “We performed an initial ultrasound backstage that was highly suspicious of a break that was later confirmed by an X-ray.””

In a exclusive post-Takeover video, the champ was being interviewed by reporters; in which if you saw her mannerisms, she looked to be going through some form of discomfort.

It was very evident at the end of her match, with her holding her arm close to her body; as she was barely moving it. She would send out a message to her fans via Twitter:


The injury couldn’t come at a worse time…

She was reaching her record-setting 507th day of her title reign before the injury. Add to it that she has not been defeated once; since debuting in October of 2015, and you can see how devastating the injury is to her career.

As to what this means for the NXT Women’s Championship, it leaves the company in a bind. Typically, championships are meant to be defended at least once within a 30-day period.

That’s essentially the rule on title defenses from the old WWE rule book. But, if Asuka is to be out for up to two months (eight weeks), she may have to relinquish the championship.

This leaves a very interesting scenario, should she relinquish the championship. With Ember Moon, Ruby Riot, and Nikki Cross on the hunt; as well as the number of participants in the upcoming Mae Young Classic, there are a few good candidates to take the reigns of champion.

As of present time, there is no word on what the company may do with the title, but, as soon as there is word, we will keep you in the know. We here at TSJ Sports, and especially here in the Wrestling Dept, wish her a speedy, as well as a safe recovery.

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