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Backstage Heat on Enzo Amore

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Backstage Heat on Enzo Amore

Well, it looks like “The Realest Dude in the Room” is the most hated in the locker room, as Enzo Amore was recently disciplined by Roman Reigns. In the absence of The Undertaker, Reigns has assumed the role as locker room leader; and as such, recently had to kick Amore off of the talent bus.

In a report by Wrestling Observer newsletter, Amore was kicked off of the bus after an incident that upset several people. The incident happened a few weeks ago, and was so bad, that Reigns had to step in. The heat he has with those backstage, that he was given the “Miz treatment”; meaning that he was not allowed to dress in locker room with everyone else.

As for his promos recently..

During the promo where it was revealed that Big Cass had turned on him, his tears were apparently real; it had very much to do with the fact that he was not happy that the team was being split up. As for his promo during “Great Balls of Fire”, it is believed to be part shoot; as he now lives in Los Angeles. He gets to hang out with the likes of Daniel Cormier, Nick Diaz, Halle Berry, Drake and the like.

With his feud with Big Cass now over, there is a belief that the WWE won’t have much to do with him. They have been utilizing him in more of the comedy role; which was evident whenever he and Cass tagged, with Enzo taking the majority of the heat.

So, what now for Enzo Amore?

As to whether or not he will be used properly in the singles role; whether as a competitor or as a manager. He does have a knack for talking on the mic; and that would be best for someone who could use a mouthpiece.

And with there being a small number of managers on the roster, Enzo could easily transition into that role; particularly for someone on the NXT roster, maybe even a fellow undercard talent.

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