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More Backstage Heat for Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore Needs to Make it Right With Locker Room

Well, shoot. Turns out that the problems that Enzo Amore had a few weeks back with a stripper are hardly the worst of them. He’s got more heat than a fireplace.

The initial report from TSJ stated that he’d been kicked off the tour bus. Enzo was talking loudly on the phone while complaining about the wrestling business. He also bragged about the amount of money he was making. Apparently, the conversation was pretty annoying, as Roman Reigns told him to kick rocks.

And now, following the split between Enzo and Cass, his future is uncertain. Although he is definitely a great talker, he’s not where he ought to be in the ring. At least, not as a singles competitor. That being said, there are rumors floating around the internet that Amore will be heading back to NXT while Cass gets a giant push…pun intended.

Nonetheless, Enzo’s backstage heat with strippers and Roman Reigns have caught a significant amount of attention. The  topic even made it on to a recent episode of WWE’s Bring it to the Table. During the episode, host JBL stated that “the odds are completely against Enzo making it in the WWE.” Perhaps it’s John “Bradshaw” Layfield being heelish and mean, but the more negative press that Enzo captures, the more we can’t help but wonder. In fact, even Corey Graves agreed with JBL, admitting that he didn’t like Enzo personally. However, fans do like him. Graves also considered Enzo heading to 205 Live or even NXT highly probable moves for the smack-talker, skywalker.

New Heat

What’s more, Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso has reported that Enzo has caught even more heat backstage. He’s been bringing less than stellar guests to the backstage area. Those guests have not adhered to basic etiquette. They were caught taking videos and photos of other talent. Officials say that at this point, Enzo should know better.

There is also a rumor floating that, in the past, Cass has done a lot of “standing up” for his little buddy. It’s no secret anymore that following their break-up, Enzo shed a small, very real little tear. Apparently, Big Cass’s promo was actually a partial “shoot” on always trying to have Enzo’s back.

Luckily for Enzo, he’s great for merchandise sales. Fans love him. But, his poor attitude isn’t doing any favors. Additionally, his interest in breaking into the music scene might raise a few eyebrows. If he doesn’t make things right with the locker room, it’s quite possible that Enzo Amore will no longer be part of the WWE.

So, what do you guys think will happen to Enzo? With the bad publicity, do you think he’ll make it in the WWE? Or, are you expecting him to get the “future endeavor” farewell? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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