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Becky Lynch Leads In and Out of Ring

Becky Lynch, an inspiration inside and outside of the ring Dallas Mavsboy Taz Tevi, via Flickr


Everyone in this world has different sides to them. Let’s take a look at WWE Superstar Becky Lynch.

Who is Becky Lynch?

Becky Lynch, who is Rebecca Quinn, from Dublin, Ireland, currently performs on the blue brand of Smackdown Live. She is known as the Irish Lass Kicker and became the first ever Smackdown Women’s Champion. The Lass Kicker has a different persona outside of the ring, and cameras. Sometimes the different persona will collide together, while in the ring and out.

The superstar side of Lynch, set to be the captain of Team Smackdown Live, when the blue brand, collided with the Raw’s five-woman squad at Survivor Series. Lynch is not just a leader on TV!

Lass Kick Talk

The Irish Lass kicker tries to be a leader in the locker match as well.

I try to lead by example. I try to make sure everyone feels comfortable. My biggest thing is having a good atmosphere.

Lynch responses with, “It’s not about us, it’s about the match, it’s about the company, the fans and most of all what is best for business.”

Four years ago, the Irish Lass Kicker, was a new signer with the WWE developmental system. With the start of the early 2000s; Lynch was a feisty teenager training with Raw Superstar Finn Balor. At the Survivor Series, she played a lead role, at the event. Growing up as a kid, she was never able to watch Survivor Series. The only pay per views she was able to see was Royal Rumble and Hell In A Cell.

Crowd Connections

Lynch feels a bond with the WWE universe. Lynch believes that it doesn’t matter, whether she is getting booed or not. She feels like she has won their hearts anyway. However, the fans want to know more about the Lass Kicker; but they haven’t had the opportunity to do so via the reality show called Total Divas. Natalya, Naomi, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, and others have shown the world their true selves. The Irish Lass Kicker has chosen not to take that route.

Its not something I ever wanted for myself. Its a great opportunity for the women. But I never envisioned myself in that role. And there is a certain mystique about myself that I would like to keep. I dont want to give out too much of Rebecca Quinn.

As part of the WWE Universe, we get to experience her sense of humor and social media connection through Twitter.

Revolution of Becky Lynch

Lynch has a mission. She wants to keep being part of the women’s revolution. She feels excited when the new wave of NXT superstars, gets drafted. Gives her a challenge she believes. Lynch was the first ever female to wrestle a guy in the WWE. Who was the guy? It was James Ellsworth. Lynch believed that people would probably take that the wrong way because a guy was able to hit a girl. However, the Irish Lass Kicker was hoping it would not lead to that. She thinks its a great opportunity, and hope she gets another chance real soon; or the WWE actually will let these matches actually happen in the future. It was more for entertainment than making a political or social statement. What will Becky Lynch’s future become? Where does she stand in the WWE? Do you think there will be more man vs woman matches? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think.

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