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Big Cass and Carmella No Longer Together?

Big Cass and Carmella Ahmed Bloch, via Flickr


Big Cass and Carmella Split

2018 is here, and with that comes the big life changes for many people. Perhaps that could be the motivation behind Carmella and Big Cass’s possible split.

Carmella and Cass have been together since their time in NXT. Carmella also revealed back in September that she and Cass bought their first home together, in which she shared via Instagram. However, over the last few days, fans have began to speculate that all is not well with the Princess of Staten Island and her beau.

It has been noted that any and all mentions on her social media accounts have been deleted, including pictures. Even the Instagram post about their new home has been deleted. Now, Carmella has not denied or confirmed the rumors, although the deleted mentions and photos are a telling sign of a break-up.

And, of course, the IWC began circulating more rumors quickly about the reason behind the break-up. With Cass on the shelf yet, did she find someone else more fabulous? This could be. After she posted a photo of herself wearing an Elias t-shirt, fingers immediately pointed to a potential relationship.

It isn’t really unusual for superstars to wear one another’s merchandise, so this seems a little far-fetched. Carmella may actually just be interested in walking with Elias, after all…

Luckily, if the pair are split up, they won’t likely work together for a while. Cass won’t return until April or May due to his ACL injury, and he is still a member of the RAW roster. Meanwhile, Carmella is the current Money in the Bank briefcase holder, and she is likely next in line for a grab at the Smackdown Women’s championship.

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